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What Borseneinsteiger of equity funds should not only know if they want to invest in the emerging markets an equity fund is a form of investment fund, which invests mainly in equities. These shares can create an index or a particular investment idea (regions/countries, technologies, industries, corporate ethics such as environmental, religious standards, etc.). With purchase of shares in an equity Fund (represented by share certificates, which the securities account be kept in) so is shareholder of a whole share package, which was put together as an investment strategy. Seen the late of 1990s primarily technology companies in Western Europe and Northern America, the opportunities you want to have part as a shareholder for a few years also in the positive development of emerging countries (China/Hong Kong, India, Brazil/Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa). Because it is on the one hand is still difficult, the necessary information about interesting shares and above all the sense of the distant market to get and on the other hand the Not necessarily sufficient – if at all – on the local stock exchange are traded, it is little recommended, even the stock-picking to make shares for private investors. Investments in appropriate equity funds are better suited.

Criteria for the selection of a Fund are liquidity/flexibility (how quickly and easily I the Fund sell, if I no longer want him), investment idea (orientation of the Fund) and the willingness to take risks/investment strategy of the investor (low risk = asset preservation or higher opportunities and risks = asset propagation). Note: equity funds – especially such opportunities also among the riskier investments such as stocks and emerging market funds – should make up only a part of the investment (-> see investment). Exchange-traded funds compared to equity funds, right when you buy over the Bank of the fund company, offer greater flexibility at lower costs (no task rash). They’re called Exchange-traded funds -ETFs. Earlier were traded only index funds on the stock exchange and the term ETF often used interchangeably for index funds – for it is required Yes No expensive fund management because they replicate only a stock index (= passive Portfoliomanagment). Meanwhile, too many other equity funds on the stock markets are listed. After this you must however explicitly ask or search by themselves, because since the banks of them earn most no Commission, they do not have that in their recommendation repertoire.