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Cash Values

What are cash values? What is property? -Germans buy gold, houses, the asset referred to land the practical value of assets (such as houses, land, gold, precious metals, commodities, minerals, shareholdings), which is independent of monetary fluctuations. Inflation is often an escape in the property, because ownership of valuables protects against the loss of purchasing power assets are much lasting and their exchange-value represents a non-influenceable size. Defy with tangible assets of the crisis monetary systems can be a very interesting investment not only because of their tax benefits. With investments in closed-end funds such as you are less dependent on stock market cycles and fluctuations, as with many similar forms of investment. Invest in substance and benefit from the success of concrete objects! Escape in the property is the name of the response of savers, which partially completely resolve their savings when sustained price increases (inflation) and the Put money in property to get a devaluation of their savings funds previously. For example an interest rate paid by banks of 2% for savings and prices in the economy rise at 7% over the same period, the savings are eaten up measured almost completely on the purchasing power of inflation. Fearing an imminent devaluation of savings not only less saving, but savers will withdraw their savings from the banks and buy such as real estate or precious metals of value.

Germans buy gold, houses, plots have more and more Germans fear of inflation and gold coins, condominiums and even trees, entire forests and meadows buy the decline of the euro, so frantically. This gold coins and bars are either sold out or to get only with long delivery times. A bank spokesman: “the rush is currently enormous!” Currently 2.46% p.a. (with our cooperation partner for construction financing of FinanzAssekuranz) the demand due to the very low interest on construction loans for increased new and also used residential real estate in part by more than 20%.

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Closedend Funds Less Premium

Closed-end funds from all sectors are always more often as attractive investments. In contrast to conventional normal Fund, closed-end funds have a placement period, which can vary enormously. A closed-end Fund may be placed out after three months. Several closed-end funds need more than twelve months, to get the necessary capital. Closed-end funds are almost as popular as banknotes. Dealing with these limited partnerships. Investors are able to be member as limited partners. Thus, a closed-end Fund is a special form of society in the course of a plant.

Closed-end funds like so preferably identify each and evaluate if you are sufficiently familiar on your own with the help of the prospectus. You can take an independent and neutral assessment of closed-end Fund on different websites such as. A closed-end Fund gained transparent profit anyway, on the basis of the redesign since the 01.06.2012. Those testifying that closed-end funds except the issue prospectus is also a Max tripartite investment information, in a clear boot easy to understand radiant cut available must provide. A closed-end Fund to be properly examined before investing. The prospectus ready is the private investors for this purpose. Closed-end funds must undergo their prospectus in an investigation by the financial supervisory authority (BFin) accept a permission. At the moment lots of closed-end funds in the distinct areas are provided. Tom Smith recognizes the significance of this.

Except for the widespread investment in the categories of real estate, ship, container, or plane, the private investor has the opportunity to raise its closed-end funds for alternative energy or special funds. Closed-end funds can be subscribed at leading independent comparison Web sites or information platforms without premium. This low-priced fact causes that yields are therefore better able. Closed-end funds in the field of solar energy, would have to remain positive develop. A closed-end Fund from this area also considered exciting diversification to a balanced portfolio. Closed-end funds work recently more often with less equity, nevertheless the amount of closed-end funds, which have been issued, contrary to do so remains the same. Such fact alone proves the increasing query in this investment sector. Closed-end funds must continuously put in higher-risk areas, if they want to participate at the forefront. Although the risk of one or more a closed-end Fund as a kind of investment is all the time until now attractive. Closed-end funds show is still a thrilling and lucrative investment opportunity. Independent review Internet sites help the selection of closed-end Fund. Closed-end funds are a confident plant variation compared with government bonds. In the area of closed-end fund the after tax yield averaged in 2011 at 5.7%. Summa Summarum seem to be relevant the following data: closed-end funds prove as lucrative addition to any investment portfolio. In Wind and water fund are greatly in the coming alternative portion of closed-end Fund. Solar funds are also essential in closed-end funds as admixture. Accurate evaluation of knowledge, each with Fund affinity must rely on closed-end funds. Layla Palani

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NPL Funds – But Please Only With Secured NPL

But please only with secured NPL NPL funds a new company is pressing forward with a rate savers in the NPL-Fund range on the market and thus makes pioneering work in a very young, but still strongly growing market in this asset class. There are currently a total NPL funds from three vendors in the market. Ben Silbermann is likely to agree. That is the Fund of Taskforcenpl1, who has done pioneering work here. However, as this is just with pioneers, this Fund has certainly still some technical shortcomings. As a future second provider, we know the German Gesellschaft fur Grundbesitz AG from Leipzig, whose Fund focuses in the area of acquisition secured claims. A third company, there is now a company from Kempten im Allgau, which brings a rate savers in the NPL-Fund range on the market. Allowing the use of pages of the BFin should be expected later this week.

This company invested according to the us present preliminary prospectus only in secured claims. Particularly noteworthy is the choice of the financial instrument that it has selected from our point of view. A Pioneer product, which has existed in this asset class as not yet on the German market. It goes to a registered bonds. A savings bond is a registered bonds for example. Here everyone from a contribution of 25 euro can take part in the business of the big monthly. Now, whether this is really the case, as with all three products that show future sounds is good. The opportunity with these products we see to make money however as “very good”. We still don’t know who the third company but works with at the servicing. This will you then “disclose”, if there is the official permission.

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Closedend Funds

Many investors ask themselves, “How I can separate myself from my closed-end funds?” Many investors ask themselves, “How I can separate myself from my closed-end funds?” The idea to sell the stake is obvious. But the disillusionment followed very quickly. It found no buyer or the purchase price offer is too low. As we know from numerous client meetings, many fund investors remember that the investment adviser had promised something completely different… But in addition to a sale or an ordinary termination, other paths can be open. May the provisions for claims for damages and establish a return settlement claims in substance. An experienced lawyer can determine whether claims for damages are and how high are the chances for a successful implementation.

The courts regularly demand compensation for damages that an investment advisor informed thoroughly, correctly and completely. The courts speak to injured investors, the above their investments were incorrectly advised, too, that them to recover their investment advisor or your bank their invested capital and interest losses. The investment products and any resulting are drawn benefits to return the investment advisor or the Bank. In substance, this corresponds to a reversal. Consulting error from years of everyday work we know that investment advice can be may be corrupted.

III demanded civil Senate of the Federal Court in its decision to the pqr. III ZR 249/09, that entrepreneurial investments with risk of loss that could lead even to a total loss, are adequate to attract an investment advice. If the investment adviser has unveiled an investment as secure attachment, although downside risks exist, that justify complaints. If a speculative corporate funds for the purpose of pensions was mediated, that is incorrect. Because an investor must rely on his age before so-called. The Federal Supreme Court has found in a recent decision, that an entrepreneurial Participation is not suitable as pensions. If in the course of a mediation and consulting a bank consultant it omits, internal commissions, to inform about so-called kick-back payments, then a guidance fault regularly. Because kick-back payments for a customer not readily apparent. If an investment advisor omitted to mention, that there are no regulated secondary market for closed-end funds, would be a sale difficult or possible with considerable losses, this justifies a charge. Our clients approach us if they feel deceived by their investment advisers. But each case is different. To prohibit lump-sum solutions. Sufferers should consult without delay individually, before claims become time-barred. Gladly we answer issues and assess opportunities to assert claims for damages. see You also: author and contact person: lawyer Ralf Renner – lawyer and a trained banker – specialty: Fund investments Tel: 030 / 810 030-22 E-mail: specialty of lawyer Ralf Renner are legal issues of closed-end Fund, where he has many years of experience. In these contexts, investors in a lawyer approach, if you want to check what rights and claims exist. Blanket statements prohibit themselves? In any case, an individual assessment is offered.

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Ship Funds Lloyd Fund

Wrong advice of Lloyd launched in the year 2004 with around 27 million equity and closed the year 2005 founded damages of the investors Fund 54 ‘Premium Ship Select’ is at the end. After the a fund ship, the MS “Laura Schulte”, a 1,740 TEU freighter, mid-2012 had to file bankruptcy, “Tatiana Schulte” the insolvency administrator on Board was now also the second fund ship, container ship MS. The preliminary insolvency proceedings opened on 19 April 2013. For the investors of Lloyd, the total loss is thus entered Fund 54. Check out Pinterest for additional information. You are faced with the question, to accept the loss, or their money to fight the chances are. Good opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages why we come to this fundamentally optimistic assessment? For many clients who are involved in Fund 54 the Lloyd, we have so far examined the deliberations, as well as the prospectus of the Fund and our opinion found brochure defects, as well as faulty investment advice. Both justified claims for compensation against the Adviser, Advisory banks and the founding shareholders of the funds, which are also liable under a recent decision of the BGH for wrong advice – firm/news /…

. Totally inadequate education about risks from conversations with many investors we know that these were not informed about the risks, which are carried out in the current crisis of the Fund, by their advisors prior to the drawing of the Fund. Closed-end real estate funds are, as the Federal Court of Justice in its judgment to AZ. III ZR 249/09 formulated corporate investments that the risk as such, that capital at least for a part can be lost. The risks of involvement must form therefore an essential part of the consultation. Wrong advice not substantiated claims of investors who have consultants involved in the distribution of ship funds investors, with which we previously discussed, the risks of highly speculative ship funds informed. We noticed the following defects analysis of the deliberations: soft costs proportion concealed proportion of investor funds invested not valuable – concealed high distribution costs – concealed no education about the risks of participation overcapacity in container ships – concealed strong fluctuations of the Charter rates from the expiry of fixed Charter times possible – concealed ship operating costs – influence of Charter rates on the value of the ship too low – concealed ship funds as retirement not suitable no information about Commission interests of the Advisory banks and savings banks because certain errors in the advice always resurface, we see promising opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages for the violation of obligations under the respective contracts of advice. Want to know whether you can enforce 54 compensation claims fund investors of Lloyd? Call us, we know how to get to your right. Nittel Firm specializing in banking and Capital markets contact Mathias Nittel, lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law, Alexander Meyer, lawyer

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Closed Real Estate Funds

Open and closed real estate funds serve different investment strategies Berlin, 06.02.2012 – the investment in real estate funds is important for many years part of risk scattered Depot strategies. In closed-end funds, the real estate are even sales leader, with the open-end fund real estate commitments represent an interesting alternative to the many possibilities of the distribution on different asset classes. Especially in times of low building interest as at present, the focus is often on the real estate market, because loans are cheap. Why then not in this asset class investing? A well-founded knowledge of the specifics of the Fund belongs to the discovery of the correct Fund type and the appropriate weighting in the own Depot next to the corresponding knowledge base. To know more about this subject visit Wells Fargo. A common expert recommendation is the broad establishment of own investment. Open and closed real estate funds offer what advantages and disadvantages? Differences, opportunities and advantages and disadvantages of open and closed real estate funds are closed-end real estate funds total corporate investments in one or a very limited number of real estate projects. The purchase of shares is possible only during the drawing phase. After the closure of the Fund, typically no purchases or sales are possible.

The so-called secondary market, which is connected and not always liquid with some disadvantages an exception here. Paynet recognizes the significance of this. The capital over a multi-year period, which is also an entrepreneurial risk subject to is therefore intense. Yields are achieved by distributions, resulting mostly from the rental income. Open-ended real estate funds represent a widely dispersed investment alternative real estate companies and many different real estate projects, etc. the selection depends on the decisions of the Fund management. A share purchase and sale daily at any time, on the composition of the Fund (so is invested in which individual values or projects) is outside the sphere of influence of the Fund shareholders.

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DEKA Immobilien

Current income Alpha analysis reveals: leader attract capital without the market leaders also continue to dominate the industry balance sheet and pull the segment as a whole in the black numbers. With the growth of the past 12 months, the Fund assets of the four major companies of 44 billion euros has risen to around 48 billion, their market share increased from 50 to 55 per cent. It is clear: the bad mood has taken by far not all providers of the segment. On the contrary the leader in open-ended real estate funds have captured not only the runoff of loser year, but could tie up additional funds to. Are real estate investments unattractive? Figures confirm the opposite. Open-ended real estate funds are prophecies of doom to the defiance in the first half of 2010 surprisingly well in the race. With a net cash inflow of around EUR 2.1 billion as of 30 June 2010 they are in favor of investors after mixing and bond funds ranked three of mutual funds ahead of equity funds.

Promotes the look behind the scenes of this development However, as so often, additional insight into days. And so a very differentiated picture of the situation arises with a view on the individual provider of the segment. Wells Fargo is full of insight into the issues. Because the overall positive development of the sector will not be added by far of all companies on the contrary. The four market leaders make 50 percent of the Fund’s assets the four largest provider groups, Union investment real estate GmbH (Union), DEKA Immobilien investment GmbH (DEKA), Commerz real investment company mbH (CRI) and SEB investment GmbH (SEB) bring together over 50 per cent of the total volume of open real estate funds on the scale. The remaining 14 providers need to settle with the other half of the cake. The big make the race and the overall statistics in the plus while the members of the latter group on 12-month point of view often decline or stagnation in the volume of resources had to fight and taken together by 2.3 billion euros had to accept cash outflows, recorded only four former societies Net inflows amounting to EUR 4.4 billion. A similar picture is also for the first half of 2010. The four leader could unite around 1.7 billion euros or around 80 percent of the volume of funds in during this period, in turn a significantly higher proportion than because the joint market share of 50 percent calculation would suggest. And, although the CRI falls back on the first six months with a negative funds within the Quartet.

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POC Proven Oil Canada Continues

First investment for POC growth 2 Fund startup already contractually fixed; Once again compelling facts Berlin, 09.05.2011. Rush was announced at the Emissionshaus POC energy solutions GmbH. Because after the first short runner Fund of Berlin was placed in only two and a half months with the maximum volume of 40 million euros, a result product, taking into account the same criteria of quality, should be produced. “That is now at the start: the growth of POC 2. GmbH & co.

KG” (POC growth 2) has a volume of 20 million euros, which can be extended with shareholder resolution. The minimum drawing amounts to 10,000 euros plus five percent agio once again. Also in the POC growth 2, the investors receive preferred 12 percent Vorabausschuttungen on the fund capital per year. These are paid quarterly. Beginning of these distributions is in the second year, and so far accrued the first year will be made up at the latest. Fund Manager Monika Galba moved so the consequence from the experience, that when the POC growth 1 the Prefer Vorabausschuttungen could, because she was very early stage investing and quickly brought the now optimized source income for the Fund. We want to pass on of course this advantage on the Fund subscribers”, she explains. Again, a bonus system offered early subscribers: who joins up to June 30, 2011, will receive three percentage points on top.

This reduced percentage point two (until July 21) or one (until August 11). All investors – despite the increase of the total volume – an early artist bonus achieved in the POC growth 1. Total fund management aims at within a doubling of the capital subscribed before taxes from four to six years. Another 25 percent also referring to the capital of the fund investors allocated, if the crude oil price based on the West Texas intermediate (WTI) during the last 12 months prior to the liquidation of the property company averaging at least $ 95 per barrel of oil.

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Closedend Funds

Drastic changes in the stock market due to new BFin directive 22 July 2013 as new credit agency advocating for transparency and seriousness on the Fund market with all its strength, welcomes the decision of the Bundestag for the AIFM directive through the KAGB (investment code) and the adaptation of many other legal provisions such as the Investment Act, the WpHG and the GewO SCOREDEX. by Johann Sternberg, project manager of Scoredex GmbH under the new rules, the management of all types of funds, also the closed, is subjected to a statutory audit. That since June 1 last year for closed-end funds valid investment law applies even for old cases continue. From July 22, new closed-end funds may are managed but only by capital management companies, which are controlled by the BFin. For the admission as external capital management company, which is the current model of closed-end funds, is an initial liquidity by at least 125,000 EUR prescribed. In addition, reserves in the amount of 25% of the previous year must be made during a closed-end Fund. Future capital management companies generally should have a liability insurance form or alternatively adequate reserves.

Assets that can be zugrechnet a Fund, to be guarded by a depositary. Normally, this is a custodian bank. But also external service providers, like accountants, tax advisors or lawyers come into question. Also the open funds and the so-called UCITS investment funds are affected by the new regulations. Still, the KAGB is different depending on the investors.

Special funds and special AIF can be offered only to institutional investors like banks, pension funds, corporations and family offices or investors who invest at least. EUR 200,000. Private investors can identify only public funds and public AIF. The closed-end investment funds must in future by a Investment stock corporation or investment partnership run. A GbR no longer comes into question.

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