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Since ancient times, when the messengers on horseback were carrying the news of the grand victory, or demanding the surrender to the present day, where quite often on the street you can see a girl or a guy dressed in a T-shirt company and carrying the letter in her hand. This – couriers, people who are often at a great responsibility, how quickly they deliver a package, depending, for example, will appreciate a loved one a birthday gift, get a boss Summary of possible large company employee, or whether you want a contract signed with foreign partners. Courier delivery – is, first of all, the belief that the securities, letter, notice or postcard congratulations will reach the addressee that the postman does not potyaryaet them in the department premises, and for transporting the package integrity is not compromised. Courier delivery to avoid such troubles, as a courier – a person who hired him company, and his orderly, punctual and sensitive to the customer will help increase the number of regular customers, but it is not excluded, and vice versa, to make him look for an alternative to a courier organization. Delivery by courier mail – by and large, the key role of messenger, because every day the heads of companies, organizations, firms share the recommendations and requests or important documents. The secrecy of such securities understandable, so courier companies are willing to pay part, and then pay one hundred percent the price of services to customers, if the package is damaged. Refund is made and when sending labeled 'Express' has not been presented to the recipient in time. Express delivery across Moscow – an important part of the absolute majority of firms, each of which either has its own shipping department, or working on an ongoing basis with private entities that specialize in these services. The first option is beneficial because delivery is organized by the company itself, which documents should be submitted. Another way of casting doubt on the Staff selected courier company, although management of an organization exempt from the creation of 'delivery in Moscow. "