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Highhanded Media Work

You might think there are options soon. Currently, we are experiencing in Germany which is unfortunately becoming more and more by populist media work. It is shouted after new legislation, everyone seems to be obvious only because he was elected to a political office an expert in everything.Who has must be the last few months the portmanteau of killer games created by politicians and still nothing from the salvation heard from video games and also by our youth protection, she tightened laws. This, the protection of minors is law in Germany the sharpest Europe far if it is properly respected and applied. Robert Kiyosaki follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. At the moment we observe also that no longer publish certain products that have stock on the German market, more and more publishers. Since we apply, in strict compliance with the German youth protection laws we sell many such products in Germany. These video games the call themselves also uncut games, to do this, see We have so many unknown Pearl in the program and in our closed area games may no longer be advertised, hidden from the eyes of our children and young people..