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Month: September 2014

Total Amnesia

The memory is essential for a intelligent life. There is no better reason than this assertion to make it the choice of labour to perform the psychopathology of memory. Discussion as part of the mnesic process oblivion is included, as a counterpart. The function of this is to prevent useless data or overload of little use in the memory store. Following the laws of Ribot, the last thing they have learned is forgotten first. A little repeated memory loses power of evocation. As an example of course, we have the case of languages: if not practiced, learned terms are deleted. A new stimulus that is associated by similarity, proximity or temporality to you engrams everyday, it is less likely to be forgotten.

And likewise, sense relations persist more than the facts little understood or confusing. It is easier to memorize if it is first captured the main idea and then details. The active repetition, the interest and concentration would facilitate the memorization. However, when memory loss is not attributable to a process normal forgetfulness, stated that Amnesia exists generic denomination. We can define the Amnesia as the total or partial inability to register, withhold or recall information. According to the areas covering, we can speak of several types of Amnesia: Total Amnesia, the individual loses the memory completely, he forgets his life. Bergson said that: without memory I have no experience, or education, or remember what I want to show. Consequently, without memory there is no character or personality person.

Amnesia partial, the individual forgets a short period of time, from a point backward or forward. This type of amnesia is often given after attacks such as epilepsy and hysteria. Amnesia lagoon, the affected forgets what happened before an indeed traumatic, taking only episodes or periods and according to the type of memory that is involved, we will have the distinction between: anterograde or retrograde.

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Latin America

In the vision of Galeano, the Brazilian sugar arrasou the northeast, converting this humid band of the coast, good watered for rains, very rich in hmus and leaves minerals in a region savannahs. ' ' Of course been born to produce foods, it started to be a region of fome' ' , Galeano. Galeano continues carrying through surveys in its workmanship, amongst them it detaches the sugar castles on burnt ground of the state-nations of America Centers and South. It says that the exploration made for the plantation of sugar cane-of-sugar, cacao, coffee, cotton and seringueiras, led to a gigantic social unevenness. In many countries, the sugar was the memory of the humilhao. Many individuals, for if seeing inserted in this corruptivo process and because not to say, humilhante, they had created transformations in the effective social structures, provoking a period of qualification to the new changes. Examples of this had been the Mexican Revolution, the Cuban Revolution and the Peruvian Revolution.

This black phase, today perceivable sight and of Latin America, was not simply the cost of the European countries. The United States, with face of bonzinho, had contributed to leave its harmful and malignant mark in the American Latin countries. Industrialization financed for the traffic of blacks, U.S.A. had become what they are today favours and exclusively the manipulation and economic exploration, social politics and that had carried through in all of South America Central office. They had used of cunnings politics to control Cuba, through the production of sugar, until the Cuban revolution. while U.S.A. will be the biggest planetary economy, none another country of America will become developed, due to have the necessity of importation and exportation that dictates the laws of the world-wide market, with its economic rules. At the time of the exploration without limits, the cycle of the rubber revealed another way for which it was possible to deduct corporeal properties from the Iberian colonies.

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Bank deposits on the internet consist basically in the same operation as the operation through a physical Bank branch, the only thing that changes is the used recruitment channel, this is rather than go to a branch we connect to a particular Web page. This fact results in that due to cost saving posed for the financial entity does not need to have a network of branches can offer higher returns from bank deposits which through a bank branch without unbalance your income statement. 1. Operation operation of these deposits is the same as the deposit in national currency, the only thing that changes is the channel of recruitment. East done, having to operate through an internet, has as a disadvantage that if through a traditional branch in an hour as maximum can make us customers and have contracted deposit, through internet will have to have patience.

This is due to that initially customers, will have to do us this is recruiting an account, usually in the form of a current account, to link the deposits that we will subsequently perform. This would a priori not be a drawback because the process might be much more agile in what is nowadays, that means hiring periods, i.e., since we realize high at the branch of internet of the entity, until the account is actually operational, ranging between 10 and 15 daysterm clearly is excessive. This is because once registered on the website the entity refers us the contract that we signed at the same time accompany it photocopies of ID case from individuals or deeds of Constitution and seizure case of legal persons, which greatly delay the recruitment process. 2. Advantages – inverter: the main advantages that the investor makes is the use of new technologies, in terms of the comfort of hiring, once the linked account is operational, and represent the greatest advantage in profitable bank deposits obtained as normally the entity to operate through that channel affects the cost savings you get the client paying a higher profitability.

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Latin America

This is very serious you must and it understand this way. You never contract to a designer Web that has communicated with you through the Spam. And if you have already done it, the first decision that you must take, is deshacerte of that designer Web Why? Because the people we advised what we do. And if a designer Web makes Spam, she goes to advise to you that do you it. Good, supposing that the previous problem, or you do not have it or you have solved already it, you are going to continue with the search of the designer of your virtual business and the analysis of its aptitudes to design your business in Internet.

First that beams is to enter a finder to look for the designers of your virtual business. You enter for example in, you place the following phrase Designers Web Whereupon you are? You are with two rows of announcements, the Web of the left side is the Web that have been positioned by the traditional system of positioning and those of the right they are positioned with the system of payments by click. You enter to anyone of the two rows, enters to one of them Already this? Well, fjate in the bar alexa, if the number that you see is inferior to 200,000, you opposite have a Web with a high traffic. This in principle is very interesting, this company that Web designs, knows to generate traffic to its virtual business, is what goes to do with your virtual business. Now fjate in bar of google, if the green line is important these in the presence of a company that knows to optimize its Web for google, therefore surely it will also do it with you. By all means, that to know how to generate traffic does not mean that it has knowledge in electronic marketing. It is necessary to know how to generate traffic but in addition the traffic must be of quality and that you are not going it to discover with these observations.

But these measurements are going to allow to you to continue with the analysis Why I say this to you? If you are with a Web, that it tries to design your business in Internet and this located in place 1.900.000 in alexa and does not exist for google, despdete of her, because it does not go to do a good work. If you want to deepen your knowledge in like initiating a profitable business in Internet, I only invite to that you subscribe mini course, that by this week still is free, Like Initiating a Business Online, With Results in Five Lessons to you, you can be subscribed in the following connection: Daniel Brugiafredo Is professor of countable sciences, although he has dedicated great part of his professional race in the State Bank of Argentina. From 2003, it begins to develop his enterprising business in Internet and has advised not to few entrepreneurs, in strategies of business and marketing by Internet, transferring its own experience in the businesses on line and the knowledge acquired to the new entrepreneurs who begin their enterprise adventures in the network. It handles to several own Web sites: and from where it gives service to entrepreneurs and to professionals, especially in Spain and Latin America. Original author and source of the article.

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USO Services

Our lives have become very complicated. Now so we are interconnected. I complete means channel Internet this playing a very important role in this sense. It has taken the central paper in presenting/displaying many new services to us. This also includes the service of Marketing of Internet. Many great businesses depend to a great extent on the CATHEDRAL to promote their products. Many ways exist to use the services of CATHEDRAL. They are very useful to improve the positions in the motors search, like Google or Yahoo.

A good position means that it exists a great opportunity to secure but to traffic for the Web site. This, as well, is translated in majors sales and generation of income. Many companies offer these services. Some of them are highly competitive and offer great advantages. It is a good idea to use the best company CATHEDRAL with the purpose of to obtain visible results. The best companies for this aim can be found in Internet.

The increase of the traffic and the position of your Web site can help you in. An enormous amount by the services exists of optimization in the motors search. They have become the spine of all business in line. But, all the companies do not offer these services with satisfaction. Some of them are only occupied in robbing the money of the clients. Many of these companies do not have enabled personnel or experts who can help in the delivery of results. On the other hand, an expert in CATHEDRAL that this enabling helped you to that your Web site appears in the first positions of the motors search. He can use many aspects of the CATHEDRAL for offer this type of results. Normally, the experts use legitimate techniques and avoids the techniques of ” hat negro” or nonlegitimate, since these are not a method approved by the motors search.

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Trade International

It is completely new an economic model and that is beginning to show its power and that it is changing the form to make businesses of an industry after another one, and thus until reaching to all. Before question of if It is possible to make money in Internet with a Digital Business? The answer is fully Yes. And I to it do not say. Returning again to the good and famous book of Chris Anderson, the Economy Long Tail or the Long Tail we in the last took as example a study realised by AC Nielsen in 2005 paragraph from the l$p. 264 in which it says that more than 724,000 North Americans they inform into which eBay is his first or second source of income and is necessary to consider that in this study is not Amazon, ClickBank, Comission Junction, Paypal Thanks to the New Technologies and to Internet, are broken the Barriers of Entrance to the production and product commercialization and services to give access to million people. This has allowed that hundreds of thousands of North Americans and all parts, individual and anonymous people find been able to make money with their likings and their hobbies because they have found and have communicated of effective form with a group of people (market niche) at global level with the same passions and likings and have been sold you a traverse of a Digital Business of very profitable form. ! The Micromarkets have been dominated the Macromarkets! I hope that the article him has been useful and of its interest. Chicoaceb greetings Specialistic Lopez in Marketing and Trade International..

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Manuel Day

Lic. Ricardo Candle Houses Beginnings In Huancavelica, city of the central mountain range resides the family Flowers. When tapeworm died its Aquiline father 12 years, the older son of the Flowers decides to emigrate. Thus he travels to Pisco. He begins grasping (collecting) cotton, His work of soon leads it to laborer to Bothers, Caete and finally, to Lima.

In the capital of Peru, the life began to gain washing cars in the neighborhood of the Central Market. He was a likeable boy and worker and, a day, the owner of one of the cars that washed, proposed to him that he sold some to him of the poles that made in their informal factory. He gave twenty him and he said to him that he took himself all along that he needed to him. But Aquiline he sold the twenty t-shirts in a single day. In this way, before to have reached the adolescence, passage of washer of cars to traveling salesman of clothes in center of Colonial it Lima. A day I ask to him its supplier of poles it could make if them with little figures of colors, that were the favourites of their clients.

and as that one did not make printed clothes, Aquiline subcontract to an informal dyer so that it added to adornments and images to the t-shirts that sold. The expansion the success smiles to him in such a way that soon after it buys a machine to sew. It begins to make his own articles, later decides to extend to average dozen of these machines. As the business worked well, Aquiline it was engaged in of Huancavelica to his brothers Manuel, Carlos, Marks and Arming it put and them to work with. Of traveling salesmen they soon happened to be stable retailers in the Central Market. The great jump the great jump of Aquiline the artisan business of Flowers began the day in which a drainage retailer, the border city between Peru and Bolivia and paradise of the contraband and the informal economy, did an order to him of ten thousand dollars of t-shirts with small drawings of colors! Immediately, subcontract to all the factories of preparation of the district and working to forced marches I get to give the ten thousand dollars of poles in the engaged terms.

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Los Angeles

If you are of whom they think that a home besides all the exposed one must be pleasant, some points exist helped that it to obtain it. Perhaps one of them, the fundamental one is to feel like part of, to obtain an intimate and reciprocal relation between you and the surroundings and for this many forms exist to adapt it to their tastes and needs that seran in the end it makes what it feel but comfortable and happy with the space that it surrounds. The personality of each side reflected in the walls with the tone and color of the painting, in the decoration of the rooms with the adornments and illumination that is placed, in the kitchen with the implementos necessary to develop his but delicious plates. Also in the room and the dormitories with the furniture that better it pleases to him and that makes him feel a only being essentially different from all the others. Not tuene price the possibility at will of molding all the corners of its home, as the best place can be its garden where to see grow to its children playing freely between the shrubs or the trees of the patio. They understand thus it in Sunset Strip Realty where a place for each taste exists, a property with only and different typical within the ample variety that forms the great real estate certelera of this agency, pioneer in the Real Estate of Los Angeles and the environs. Here according to the profile of each client, by means of interviews with the interested ones in investing in properties in Los Angeles it is developed to an idea about the tastes and the needs to sharpen the aim and to obtain in the smaller term and with the major efficiency, a home with the typical that is been looking for and that until today not yet habia managed to find. That special place, that place in waits for it to the world and Sunset Strip Realty is its better ally to find it fast and safe. I almost can see that sensation of satisfaction in its smile, is the same that thousands of happy clients with its business, the business of its lives thanks to the advising of Sunset Strip Realty. That? It has contacted not yet them?

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Britney Spears Soon Full-time MOM

The singer should seem things now get more dealing again with her two sons to run okay for Britney Spears. After she was allowed to spend lately again more time with her two sons, is now again speculated on whether Britney gets back unlimited visitation rights. The separated parents, Kevin Federline and Britney Spears, have once again therefore met. But before court. Although the Court issued no official explanation, it confirmed a source OK! Magazine, may keep the two sons now even over night. Start I want all this weekend. Even Kevin Federline reportedly agreed.

The waiting journalists, he released only a small “Yes”, but nevertheless it was him to remember that he is happy that his sons again have contact with their mother. An observer of the process described during the trial as “very businesslike” Britney. We hope that this can be interpreted as a positive sign. This case is not “Resolved” but still. The next hearing will take place on July 15. Hope we the Britney will be there again “very businesslike”. Lisa Walters

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