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Manuel Day

Lic. Ricardo Candle Houses Beginnings In Huancavelica, city of the central mountain range resides the family Flowers. When tapeworm died its Aquiline father 12 years, the older son of the Flowers decides to emigrate. Thus he travels to Pisco. He begins grasping (collecting) cotton, His work of soon leads it to laborer to Bothers, Caete and finally, to Lima.

In the capital of Peru, the life began to gain washing cars in the neighborhood of the Central Market. He was a likeable boy and worker and, a day, the owner of one of the cars that washed, proposed to him that he sold some to him of the poles that made in their informal factory. He gave twenty him and he said to him that he took himself all along that he needed to him. But Aquiline he sold the twenty t-shirts in a single day. In this way, before to have reached the adolescence, passage of washer of cars to traveling salesman of clothes in center of Colonial it Lima. A day I ask to him its supplier of poles it could make if them with little figures of colors, that were the favourites of their clients.

and as that one did not make printed clothes, Aquiline subcontract to an informal dyer so that it added to adornments and images to the t-shirts that sold. The expansion the success smiles to him in such a way that soon after it buys a machine to sew. It begins to make his own articles, later decides to extend to average dozen of these machines. As the business worked well, Aquiline it was engaged in of Huancavelica to his brothers Manuel, Carlos, Marks and Arming it put and them to work with. Of traveling salesmen they soon happened to be stable retailers in the Central Market. The great jump the great jump of Aquiline the artisan business of Flowers began the day in which a drainage retailer, the border city between Peru and Bolivia and paradise of the contraband and the informal economy, did an order to him of ten thousand dollars of t-shirts with small drawings of colors! Immediately, subcontract to all the factories of preparation of the district and working to forced marches I get to give the ten thousand dollars of poles in the engaged terms.