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Business Management Processes

Business management processes of the eTOM These processes involve knowledge of the actions and needs at the enterprise level, business management enclose and support the rest of the company. These processes are necessary in any company because they are required to conduct business at the same level, to manage the business and are critical to support direct and indirect processes of the client. This area also provides strategies and corporate divisions, and provides guidelines and goals for the rest of the business. These are sometimes considered as the functions and processes “corporate.” Business Management generally do not have a particularized aspect for providers of information services and communications. Figure 11. eTOM, Business Management.Strategic Planning and Management: this process grouping focuses on the processes required to develop strategies and plans for the company, including strategic planning discipline, determine business and the focus of the company including target markets, financial requirements for meeting, possible acquisitions that improve the financial position of the enterprise market. Strategic Planning and Business: These processes offer all the functions required to provide strategic direction to the company, to create plans based on strategy and management to provide high-level programs for implementation. Business Development: these processes develop concepts for new lines of income, diversification of revenue streams and the concentration or expansion of the customer base through research of new markets, as well as various products and services for the company.Enterprise Architecture Planning: these processes are focused on the development of Enterprise Architecture, which is the model described in all its facets, provides a framework for organizational design, the architecture of business processes the architecture of information systems, computer architecture, data model and knowledge management. Corporate Management Group: these processes are responsible for planning and management across the business units of the company, and between the company and its subsidiaries. Brand Management, Market Research and Advertising: this process grouping focuses on the processes of Corporate Marketing. Direct and support processes in the areas of Marketing Strategy, Infrastructure Product, and Operations of the company. Brand Management: These processes develop and ensure the strengthening of the brand or brands of the company.Research and Market Analysis: These processes are responsible for market research, analysis of market research, identification of market changes, changes in customer satisfaction, among others. Advertising: these processes develop and execute marketing strategies in support of the entire company, business unit and specific products. Enterprise Quality Management, Planning and Architecture Process and Information Technology: this cluster is dedicated to process development and improvement of key business architectures, as well as in the definition of processes and quality management policies of the company. The processes of development and management of Information Technology are managed at the level of resources processes.Management and Support of : These processes define the architecture and methodology for business processes, manages the ownership and commitment to process management, and determines whether the company can provide the performance required of the processes. Planning Strategy and Information Systems: these processes develop the plan of the same, including their ‘e-strategy’, set policies and standards for information systems that support the operation of the company. Business Quality Management: These processes define the management policies of the quality of the company and the business model for that.Knowledge Management: These processes are responsible for the management of information resources of the company, this includes management of patents, management of intellectual property rights, standards for information capture and storage of the same, allocation and provision of the address for the benefit of the data, minimizing data instances, etc. Research and Development, Technology Acquisition: these realizanel management processes relevant technologies for the company. Research and Development: these processes do the research and development of technology within the company, which includes the identification and valuation of existing and emerging technologies and their application in the market as a guide for investment in R D.Technology Acquisition: these processes get technology from outside sources at the company, including the identification and evaluation of potential technologies, sources of technologies and capabilities compared to ‘in-house’ R D. Financial and Asset Management: this process grouping focuses on managing finances and assets of the company. Financial Management: These processes manage the financial aspects of the company. Real Estate Management: These processes manage all aspects of real estate business. Purchasing Management: These processes seek goods and services required for business needs that are not directly related to the production chain. Management and External Relations with Shareholders: this cluster of processes dedicated to managing the firm’s relationships with interest groups on it and external entities.