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The Meaning of Intelligence

It is important to find out what the true meaning of intelligence is, especially when we compare this term with emotional intelligence. This was a term used by our own mechanistic structure where we can find this term very close, with a lack of meaning, “you’re smart, if you know much subject. We should carry out a great discussion to determine if the spiritual intelligence is needed nowadays, and why. Without thinking, many would say yes, because with it we can eliminate our scheme two phenomena that have accompanied us in our life: hedonism and nihilism, as we said the first refers to sensual pleasure (Hedonism) and is to pleasure as a philosophy of life (modus vivendus), the second (nihilism) defined as moral relativism (nothing is good or bad, everything is culturally relative and depends on how you define the subject of the community in question).

Spiritual intelligence is the last and highest intelligence with which we solve problems of meaning and values, we can insert our life in a deeper and broader context, ie in a universal context. Also defined as the capacity for transcendence, going beyond materialism. Discernment leads us to the knowledge of everything, but we also have the ability of that whole separately in its parts and fully understand each of these parties in an independent and integrated. Patrick dwyer boston private often says this. Spiritual intelligence is capable of insight, vision, holistic (integral) of reality, context and allow us to understand wholes, to discern the ultimate essence of things, and thus generating a wisdom of the world.