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Fundamental Code

Notarial code. Code of Work. Labor Procedural code. Water code. Code of the Work and the Social Forecast. Code of Mining. Administrative code. In addition Code of Canonical Right exists, which also is of application in the Peruvian State in the registry right, judicial and contractual mainly.

30. STRAIGHT COMPARED AND STRAIGHT CODIFIED Diverse methods of investigation in the right exist, nevertheless, now corresponds to refer us to the compared right. The compared right consists of the application of the method comparative to the right. For some authors the compared right is a method and for others it is a science, which we put to record for a better knowledge and study of the subject. If we carried out an internal macrocomparative study we can determine that in the Peruvian right all the branches of the right do not count on codified right.

If we realised an external macrocomparative study we can determine that in the right of the different states it does not exist straight codified in the same branches of the right. For example all the States do not count on Private Code the International or Code of Family or Code of the Environment. 31. FUNDAMENTAL CODE Fundamental Code to the Political Constitution of a State is denominated, the effective Constitution of Peru is the Constitution of 1993. For even more analysis, hear from Munear Ashton Kouzbari. In such sense they are Fundamental Codes the Peruvian Political Constitution of 1979, 1933, 1920, 1879, 1867, 1860, 1856, 1834, 1828, 1826, 1823, and of 1812. In the Peruvian constitutional right it is necessary to need that besides the Constitutions provisory Statutes like the one of 1855 or the one of 1879 existed.

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Christian Democracy

To make matters worse, soon after Chile entered a political period in which the religion had fundamental importance. The Christian Democracy, become attached to the clergy and the catholic community, Beyond disputed the power with Salvador, leader of the atheistic and Marxist left. They were not times to question the existence of God, because automatically you happened to be a recalcitrant Communist and that damaged the image and the values of your family and her social position. So calladito, more tuna As it did not beat to be of rights and atheistic, I did not discuss much on the subject in my youth, but it followed firmly with my convictions in spite of not having an academic base on the matter, only counted on my logic. What it more bothered me in sporadic discussions, were the unrestricted asseveration of my fellow members referring to that at heart I yes believed in God, because otherwise it could not be the more or less good person that they saw in me and in addition they guessed that when I was in true danger or on the verge of dying, I would not have left more remedy than to call to God That is, cannot be good without believing in God and if you fear to him to the death, it is because you believe in him. In other words, all that do not create in God are bad and those that they do not fear to die, are atheistic. Being still very young, I left that Chile in black and white where it was not possible to be atheistic if you belonged to certain groups social and/or political. For even more opinions, read materials from Ashton Kouzbari. My destiny was Spain and I discovered with certain disappointment that in that aspect, the Spaniards of then (decade of the 70) were more extremist than the Chileans.

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The Inverse

That we needed to be in a family, or that or friendships, but always in community or in relation to people, because to be only or single always some besides being would not have sense damaging to us same. Both opposite poles That felt it has an ant in your life: I consider that it is have to impose you limit, that yes, the minimums. In this case he is one of them, is necessary to share our world with other people. Some would not have sense to live in the eternal dark, but it tell me: What sense has your life? You only live for same you? To move away of the ego is something fundamental to be a free person, at the most far you are of your own more difficult ego will be to him alcanzarte and sujetarte. For a complete freedom as it said to them he is essential to be related to other people or but dile to the world as you release your feelings, thoughts, forms to see the world, etc. Really would be unpublished. Plays a predominant paper in your life a parrot? Said this we see that it is necessary to put limits of solitude, but, as much as it has limits of is it to solitude of relation.

However we expose the inverse one of the previous one. A person who always this accompanying and socializing, finished in the dependency of it. This also is of gravity. Another thief of freedom. Among others, the following negative things in this type of people can be appreciated: Social dependency: – Inclination to depend on other people’s thoughts, as much sentimentally, as professionally. In summary one does not become what one same one wants. leaving to the personal freedom in the hands of other people and nobody you know better than what you want, that you are and towards where you go.

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Fundamental Statistics

To process data and statistics of site is a fundamental part of the CATHEDRAL but it can be a little complicated. Much people note that his site this losing traffic but, in spite of seeing all these data does not know to that it must this slope, does not know to process these fundamental data for CATHEDRAL. Here we will give small tricks you to watch your data and to take the corresponding actions. Note that these tricks also can be applied, not only to the page in if but also to folders or types of content within site like blog for example. At level CATHEDRAL, the traffic ascent can be attributed to a better positioning of some indexed pages or, or to new pages that generate new visits. But here, we are going to study the two statistics that there are to watch for knowing exactly that it is what happens: 1.

To watch I number of pages that receive at least one visits This can be found out easily, removing data from your account of Google Analytics. It is important to also study it per week and month. If in spite of generating new contents this I number no perhaps it increases has to do with the indexing of Google. Old contents can stop being indexed. To qui it is necessary to also find out I number of page of error 404 that they are generating. On the contrary, if suddenly, there is a height of the unexplained traffic, can come from the Googlebot that begins ” crawlear” your page but in depth or that makes case to your sitemap XML. 2. I number of key words that it generates but of a visit This embosoms to you so that key words your site this positioned and attracts visits. If all this good, will be a correlation between these two statistics. If no, it will be possible to be interpreted better, than contained this not indexing itself or, or the other way around, that contained he is but ” Google friendly” and it generates many visits.

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The Bolivian

Wheat the elaborated flour pasties Chilean, stuffed of worn out meat or in cuadritos, flavored with cumin, black olives, you pass of grape and hard egg, calls pine pasties. In the Central University of Venezuela, in Caracas, it does about 30 years, one stopped a cart of Chileans, who sold these succulent pasties of pine. Whenever it was going to see the games of basketball in the university, he was fixed that before tasted a pasty to me with some drink that now nonmemory. In Easter the done ones with seafood, accompanied by white wine are popular. Also there are vegetable stuffed, mainly beets; ” napolitanas” – cheese, ham, sauce of tomato and oregano -; of fish like salmon, or fish for food – usually both done in the same way that those of meat -. and of puye, cochayuyo – alga – and of hen that is the specialty of the zone of Santa Ana, Talagante.

The pasty in Chile has multiple variants, and it is clear to him like an emblematic food of the country, being considered, along with sopaipillas, the valdiviano, curanto, paila marine and it absorbs of seafood, like typical meals in his gastronomy. The Bolivian pasties between which it emphasizes saltea, whose mass tastes slight dulzn with a filling – jigote – of stew of head of cattle or chicken, with Pope and broth. They are guinea fowl of a smooth red-orange pigment, that gives a color very him special. Made with a fine layer of round, stuffed mass of stews of meat, chicken, seafood, decorated with onion, egg, olives, capers, raisins, grapes, Popes, peas, cheese and spinach. It generally has a form of semicircle of than 20 cm. in length, closed not more in the edges with elaborated repulgo – edge of the pasty -.

Other varieties include the Tucumanas that differs from the Argentineans of equal name in which they are fried; puka layers also called red pasty, typical of the city of Cochanbamba prepared to the furnace with cheese, onion, olives; of cheese and cheese for api that sometimes take something of fried onion and they are prepared to the furnace or. The cheese is prepared, like the mass, with cornstarch and flour; and those of rice that is typical of the city of Santa Cruz which they have rice and meat of pig pig in the filling. Soon they are humitas, of lacayote, those of hojandre, fried of chicken and chuquisaquea. Investigating to write these articles, I have been pleasingly surprised by the gastronomical wealth of Bolivian pasties, for that reason the prescription for this week is the Bolivian pasties of jigote of chicken, that are agradabilsimo cooking discovery.

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