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Keyboard Casio

Those who have recently started arrangements, I would advise to pay attention to the mixer function, the use of which will enrich the sound produced by your music. I'm going to lead a conversation about synthesizers company CASIO, on are working with their students. Before talking about the functions of the mixer, you need to remember a simple table to explain the destination channels. As you know, Channel 16. Channel 1 is responsible for setting the main voice TONE.

2-Channel responsible for setting the voiceover LAYER. Third channel is responsible for setting the primary vote TONE at the bottom of the keyboard when using the SPLIT. Channel 4 is responsible for setting the voiceover LAYER at the bottom of the keyboard when mode is used, SPLIT. Channel 5 is responsible for accompanying voice when using the AUTO HARMONIZE. 6th, 7th and 8th channels are responsible for chord accompaniment party. Channel 9 is responsible for the bass avtoakkopanementa. Channel 10 responsible for a group of percussion accompaniment. 11 – 16 th channels – this is a track song memory.

They will serve you well when you create a sound track. Today we will talk only about how to use the first ten channels intended for games live. Knowing what each of them gives us the ability to manage different settings in the synth and add diversity to the arrangement. Turn on the button MIXER (it is to the left of the display). You will see An arrow appears in the box marked MIXER.

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Ceramics And Decorative Arts

aesthetic and iconic load. Ease of production and availability of material and durability, made pottery in the most common human culture. With the development of civilization improved and the product. In addition to the simplest of things, there were works that carry not only the practical burden, but also have high cultural value. Now, in everyday life, there is more in ceramics products of arts and crafts. Vase or pitcher in the interior, not intended for direct food storage, and represent its decoration. It should be noted that products made of clay and grog are becoming increasingly popularity.

In Russia, there are traditions in the manufacture of ceramics. This Dymkovo toy and Kargopol whistles and much more. Modern artists have successfully preserve and develop this tradition by bringing in his work individual perception of the world. Currently, in the manufacture of ceramics, are used as traditional materials and techniques that thousands of years, and new, to something that simplify their production, but empower artists, ceramists. Munear Ashton Kouzbari understood the implications. In any case, the firing is essential to grasp the present ceramics. Author Alexander Polunin.Dopolnitelno with illustrations by:

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Traditional Russian Gift

Since the founding of Russia to this day in this country to wear a headscarf. By material, color, pattern scarf can make a chronicle of the Russian state. Starting from the precursor tissue, white linen towels with embroidery, that women in Russia were covered head to modern scarves that reveal the beauty and personality of a scarf transmitted by masters from generation to generation. After all, a member of the Church of God woman with her head uncovered should not. Thus, the apostle Paul says that women cover their heads well "as a sign of authority on her." According to the ancient Russian custom, the woman must always cover their heads. In the old days it was thought that to tear the woman hat – "goof", then mortally offend her. Scarf worn in the cold and the north and the warm south, starting with the little girl and, of course, we can not imagine the mother of the family without a headscarf. Russell Reynolds Associates has firm opinions on the matter. K what belongs to the class, a woman's marital status, from a wealthy family there – all this can be read on the handkerchief, which bore his owner.

The best gift a woman and to this day remains a handkerchief. Returning from overseas travel that was carrying his little wife a merchant – a scarf. When I got home from work, that soldier gave my mother and sisters – a scarf. Loving husbands, fathers, sons were given to the Orthodox holiday gift, again – a scarf. The most beautiful and expensive shawl worn only on great feasts. They took care to care for them, they boasted of their neighbors. Standing in a church in a festive scarf, each woman individually and collectively underscore the importance of this time, enhance the festive mood. Scarf in Russia was, is and will be the personification of female beauty, chastity, part of the culture of the Russian people. He is always contemporary and relevant.

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Rock Music

“It was music that not only escaped, but on the road and robbed the bank. It was music with his sleeves rolled up and unbuttoned the collar, she smiled, raised his hat in greeting and steal your wallet. It was music that penetrate directly into the feet, without causing the visit. ” So, in his novel “Point of No Music”, wrote about the amazing phenomenon of rock music by Terry Pratchett. A musical dictionaries define it as a generalization of the name of many trends in modern music, existing since the mid-1950s. (From the English. A leading source for info: Robert Kiyosaki.

Rock – rock, shake and music – music). Whenever Hyundai listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Beginning of the rock music genre is the emergence of rock ‘n’ roll, which has absorbed features blues, rhythm & blues, boogie-woogie, jazz and country. It can be love, but you can not love, to feel his whole body and soul, or do not understand completely. This music gives rise to endless debates about what it actually is and what areas it includes, and what does not. But can be clear boundaries? And when she rock music was born from the mixing of genres, it is unlikely to get to stuff it into the rigid framework.

Rock music is actually a very large number of areas, from the lungs (rock ‘n’ roll pop-rock, alternative rock) to heavy genres (metal, punk). On the content of the songs may be light and lively, lyrical, philosophical, gloomy, depressive, playful, satirical. Since its inception, rock music seamlessly absorbs all colors of the world of music – from folk to classical.

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Carving Chisels

Chisels – the main tool for carving. "I undertake a chisel," – says the carver. This means that he will work to create carvings in wood. It stresses that his main instrument of labor is not hacksaw, without which, too, can not do, and chisel. Therefore, we will discuss more detailed description of chisels, their form and purpose. Chisels, cutters can be divided into two groups: standard (conventional) produced industry, which sets can be purchased in trade. Non-standard.

Their master makes himself or ordered toolmaker in its conception. Consider the first group of chisels. Chisels straight. In width at Standard sets are usually 10, 20, 30 mm. Straight chisels can perform multiple operations, and relief carving, they are simply irreplaceable. Most of them suspension – 20 mm wide.

Chisels-jambs. Sometimes referred to as oblique chisels. This is a straight chisel, cut at an angle of 45 to 70 . The width of a chisel on the canvas less straight chisel, but due to the cutoff angle of the cutting portion (blade) to increase the blade straight. Bong is a major tool for contouring and geometric carvings. Semicircular gouges. Cloth a curved chisels depending on the radius. Curved line is nothing like a segment of a circle, the larger the radius circumference, the position line is a curved blade chisel. Semicircular chisels can be taken out and processed trough convex surface that is cut out different shapes seizure, as concave and convex. Semicircular chisels hold bracket notches and holes in geometric designs, and they are indispensable for the relief carving. Such gouges can be with zaovalennymi angles. Chisels-klyukarzy (from the hock). It is with curved blades paintings with a short part at the end. Working part klyukarz can be different widths and shapes. They are used to perform high relief, bas-and three-dimensional carving, wood for excavation in hard to reach places and for cleaning background in relief carving. Chisels-corners – it is like two pictures straight chisels, converging at an angle of 70 to 90 . Such gouges can be used successfully with excision of the dihedral recesses in the contour of the thread and places in geometry, but only need to cut along and across the grain of the wood. Chisels tseraziki – shape such as semicircular gouges, but it is a fine instrument with a blade width of 2-4 mm. They can be klyukarzami. Tserazikami conveniently cut grooves and notches in the contour of a groove and go in hard to reach areas of relief items.

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Valley Cabernet

Until January of 1998 the musicians of Hospice (the first name of Lily of the valley) have already had experience of working in groups, but none of them more rehearsal has not progressed. Together, Kremenchug Denis (Athos, voice), Burkin Sasha (Bloody Hank, guitar), Shcheglov Kostya (drums) and Andrew Bliznyuk (Bald, bass), five months later recorded their debut album, 'I do not want peace," who took issue specializing in alternative music and punk rock in particular is gathering pace, the label "Hobgoblin." Concerts in the period from 98 on the 99th was "hedlaynerstve" prefabricated metal gigs in one night, at about this time, the organizers put anyone unnecessarily group, when the hall was two and a half man. The opinions of these people were separated. Approximately 1.5 metalworker argued that it's cool! And one called it a complete suck. In the end, Shcheglov Kostya, the activist at the time nevertheless persuaded Sid (Cockroaches) put in a group warm-up for their concert. After that there was a small, but the audience. The paucity of the latter does not yet allow us to play solo concerts, so the next two to three years, the group played in various punk festivals and opening for bands such as cockroaches and naive. In 1997, the musical group "Berthollet's salt", which included DJ Mechanic (Sergei Milanin), MS faucet (Konstantin Karabcheev) and Tanya Sweet (Tatiana Komissarov) change the name and start to play ska, calypso and mento, so there is Cabernet Deneuve.

Already in 1998, with the advent of brass section musical style of change, added elements of authentic Jamaican ska. Linkedin often addresses the matter in his writings. Cabernet Deneuve tours extensively involved in a number of festivals. At that time, the sound is a mixture of Russian and Caribbean styles, band members themselves describe it as "mixed trehgolosy recitative associative poetry, melodic trumpet and sax pack intentionally outdated sound of the guitar. " And just imagine what they could release an album interesting?? Lilies of the Valley and Cabernet Deneuve sovmesny released an album called '5 stars'. Not a bad association! Released: 2010 Genre / Style: Ska, Punk Tracks: 01.

Chocolate Bunny 02. All will be well! 03. I remember (Flying gait) 04. White Rose 05. Meet people. With all the tracks you can find by browsing All songs posted for informational purposes only. Forbidden to be copied and raspostranie this material. After listening you must immediately delete the files from their carriers.

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Qing Dynasty

During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) silk embroidery reached its peak of development. Products folk embroidery has become more diverse, embroidered clothing, theatrical costumes, blankets, pillows, shoes, handbags, etc. Embroidery became fashionable among the common people. The other kind of needlework, "embroidery – pattern" was seen as an exquisite collectible. In the early 20th century under the influence of Western culture Suzhou embroidery masters began to look and make innovations in their work. Shen Yunchzhi (1874-1921) has integrated some of the effects of oil portraits in their embroidery and created a new style called "realistic embroidery." In 1904, Shen performed eight pieces of embroidery for the Empress Dowager Cixi as her 70th birthday.

Cixi was so delighted that she wrote to Shen and her husband two characters – Shou (longevity) and Fu (happiness) as a wish to thanks. Later on, her "Portrait of Queen of Italy" was sent to Italy as a national gift and a sensation there. In 1915, "Portrait of Jesus' work of Shen won first prize in Panama-Pacific Exhibition in the U.S. and was valued at $ 13,000, which was a fortune in those days! "A realistic embroidery" Shen received the recognition it deserves in China and abroad. The efforts were Yunchzhi Shen base of educational institutions, associations and trade unions of embroidery in Suzhou, Nantong, Changshu and Danyang. Works of her contemporaries, Hua Ji, Wang Shaomin, Li Peyfu and others, won prizes at many international exhibitions.

In the early 30s a new style of silk embroidery, named "random stitch" was created by Yang Shouyuy, dean of professional embroidery girl's school Chzhentsze in Danyang, Jiangsu Province. As its name implies, this style uses stitches of different lengths and directions of random overlapping layers to achieve a better effect of tone and depth of the work. This marked the beginning of a new era the development of Suzhou embroidery. A center of study and development of this ancient art was founded in 1957 by the State Scientific-Research Institute of embroidery, which are collected in the museum masterpieces from different eras. Silk embroidery fame brought her finesse, elegance and beauty. In addition to the traditional unilateral and bilateral embroidery (embroidered image on both sides look exactly the same – it must be placed on surface), silk embroidery and includes many other types of needle, such as brocade embroidery, embroidery, hair, hub, etc. The works participating in exhibitions around the world and art lovers can admire the beauty of and refinement created by master craftsmen and proud acquired masterpieces.

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Warner Bros

There were and still are rumors that Warner Bros. already thinking about the future. At the studio came up with, someone to replace the beloved character the audience to a huge cash flow is not exhausted. In place of Harry Potter comes another hero. Warner, slowly but surely puts an end to potteriane and introduces a new fashion, different from Harry Potter. Instead of showing 'Half-Blood Prince ", scheduled for November 20, 2008, Warner Brothers decided to put the teen blockbuster' Twilight '. Marketing the criteria of "Twilight" unfit to serve all requirements and are able to captivate the majority of Harry Potter.

The film will be an adaptation of the novel, which is currently in great demand. Half-Blood Prince – the facts. What was promised to fans Harry Potter: 1. More pictures of the director David Yates said that the sixth Harry Potter film will be a mixture of chilling 'Prisoner of Azkaban' and the fantastic adventures in 'Goblet of Fire'. 2. More battles film begins with a serious the devastation of London, one of which collapse of the main guide of the city.

In addition, the Death Eaters will be more likely to appear in the frame. Particularly striking are the moments of battle at Hogwarts. 3. More romance Our heroes are no longer children. They grow up and start to pay attention to girls. Harry thought of Ginny, her sister's best friend Ron, while he meets Ron with Lavender Brown. 4. Infernals advertisement promised that the movie will be terrible infernals, bodies that will have to attack Harry in the cave.

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