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Dianetics Spread Like Wildfire

“Wave of enthusiasm goes all over the world since the first days of the publication of the book Dianetics: the Guide to the human mind” was used in a movement that includes almost every major culture in over 160 countries and 50 languages of the Earth up to the present day. From the Highlands of Kenya to the Buddhist temples in Kuala Lumpur and the transport hubs of the old world to the city centers of the new world. In every corner of the globe, new readers begin the journey of discovery in her mind. According to NYU Law, who has experience with these questions. Since religion spread in July 2007 the Foundation books on Dianetics and Scientology Dianetics book more than twice as fast as in the entire year of 2007. In the face of 21.5 million copies into the hands of readers correspond to sales of Dianetics book a top-10 bestsellers in every single week, and for the last 20 years. For those who would rather listen than read, brought more than 600,000 books in the hands of people since the publication of the basics. Between the Kingdom of butane at the foot of the Himalayas and the Sultanate of Brunei on the coast of Borneo, 5 new countries enter now about every 12 months the world of Dianetics. The Dianetics Centre Dubai more than 1000 people in Dubai has introduced the Dianetics book. Chef Carrie Levi may help you with your research.

The 30-strong Dinajpur Group operates in the Northwestern new country of Bangladesh. The Arzamas group ignited in Russia’s so-called nuclear city”just a chain reaction with Dianetics. The 35-strong core of this group leads just a urban Dianetics movement which in the meantime hundreds have signed up. The Dianetics group in Tel Aviv (Israel) has a Dianetics Bookstore, which serves as an information centre as well as used by auditing groups. You opened it just in the famous Dizengoff Center, Israel’s version of times square of New York City with a huge shopping mall. Every week over 200 Dianetics buyers come and more 100 visitors book seats for Dianetics seminars. The Marketing Director of the Dizengoff Center makes on large screens at the shopping center for Dianetics Advertising. She is seen daily by more than 250,000 Israelis.

From Slovenia, Croatia and the Greek coast until after Tingambato in Mexico and to the suburbs of Buenos Aires the Dianetics groups have presented the Dianetics book 382.726 people last year through lectures, seminars and auditing. In 144 cities worldwide new Dianetics groups have emerged since that time. Through the multilingual Dianetics video channel with over 50 different videos you now have the opportunity to get a visual overview of the phenomenon of Dianetics.

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New Bureau

The last evening of table of the old Bureau of the round table 4 from Hamburg ( took place on the 23.03.09. Now, the new Bureau assumes all offices and associated tasks. The last evening of table of the old Bureau of the round table 4 from Hamburg ( took place on the 23.03.09. Now, the new Bureau assumes all offices and associated tasks. A focus on include the EuroMeeting 2010 that every two years upcoming theatre tour of Salzburg partner table, planning a summer festival for the children and families of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft spina bifida and hydrocephalus e.V., Hamburg (ASBH), as well as a new edition of mulled wine sale in favour of the Bergedorf Board this year in addition to the preparation. But also table internally are different tasks. “Through the regular retirement of some Tablers of our table, we will also in the coming months continue the work of the old Bureau and for our table acquire new Tablers.” so Henrik Bergemann, new President of the RT 4. “we want to win eight candidates who are not yet represented at the table, E.g., architects and craftsmen from industries for us.” New table year should be rounded off by various common activities, such as the family weekend, the visit of the Swedish partner table and table evenings at Tablers.

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Appointment Announcement: BDVT Regional Club Lower Saxony And The

Relaunch with the magnificent seven”: Hannover, July/August 2010. The first event of the new management team of BDVT Lower Saxony takes place on Thursday, August 19. Innovative, provocative and economy close to the Association for trainers, consultants and coaches in Hannover presents itself. The scene is the exclusive spa and Sports Centre Aspria at the Maschsee, Rudolf-by-Bennigsen-UFER, Hannover.Duration of the event is from 18: 30 until 21:00. Content is about the magnificent seven”and this is not the famous Western! Joachim Reich and lecturer for theatre, dance and performance at the FH Ottersberg BDVT certified trainer, presented seven qualities that we all need in order to cope with everyday life in a short interactive workshop. Constructive and full of energy to success exciting for executives, HR and communication professionals with our events we stimulate exciting, which practically use our guests and members in their professional life.

Second, we give each night a structured networking to most effectively make the communicative Exchange. The event with Director and dance coach Joachim Reich makes the start and we welcome many new faces in business, training and communication,”the head of the Lower Saxony BDVT, Thea Simon-van de Ven outlined BDVT meeting in Hanover. Interested please register at: the BDVT e.V. is the Professional Association for trainers, consultants and coaches and is grown competence in personnel and organizational development as a partner of the industry for over 45 years. As one of many regional clubs, the BDVT in Lower Saxony, Germany focuses on modern networking and on providing innovative impulses with high benefits for members and guests. In the BDVT aim to exchange experiences, to socialize, discuss professional issues, specifically to make and to initiate transactions. The common goal: Developing people, shaping the future! Have any questions please contact the press contact of the BDVT regional Club Lower Saxony: Gudrun Jay bad, 0511 904694-46 or email:

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Club Management

KomServ GmbH on this year’s fundraising 2011 becoming Congress in Fulda, the professional management of member clubs always more important. The KomServ GmbH for member management is on this year’s fundraising Congress of the German fundraising Association 6. Until 8 April its new module system for a low-cost and tailor-made member management before. The extensive range of services offered by the KomServ GmbH is focused on non-profit organizations, associations, foundations, associations and clubs, for example. It is geared to the needs of charitable associations but also sport clubs from a membership of about 500 people.

The member management through KomServ offers not only services to exactly calculable and reasonable prices, but also strong benefits. The individual can be summarized for each association customized modules. Professional data management can be achieved a high member retention at clubs. The consequences are a long-term commitment of a member of a club. Full transparency of all relevant figures a club has at all times the exact overview of the overall financial planning.

Through the cooperation with one of the most respected and experienced data processing companies in Germany is of course absolute data security. A new control system was developed for the quality assurance of the entire portfolio of Member of a club that goes far beyond the usual member management. Even the support of the members hotline and the entire handling of the contacts with the members can be integrated into the modular design of the KomServ. “The program and the performance of the member management by KomServ GmbH is interesting not only for big clubs. Just smaller clubs such as about animal or nature protection associations or charitable organizations, but also sport clubs and sports clubs from about 500 members can benefit from the services offered and money and time, the need to save up for the actual tasks”, says Marco Schauff by KomServ GmbH. Membership applications are not just recorded, but also tested. This means that first addresses, telephone numbers and Bank are matched. Then again personally verifies the correctness of the data by telephone or E-Mail. The increased start-up rates prove that a measure which is worth. In the last step, the welcome letter and the membership cards are sent before the data is archived. The KomServ GmbH for member management of clubs was founded in 2004. You looked after now already more than 20 clubs and non-profits in their headquarters in Burgwedel near Hanover. Whether Foundation, Club or association member is the basis for the work, and they must be managed professionally: data must be entered, membership card and welcome letter want to be produced on schedule and shipped. In addition the separate communication on special occasions, the sending of newsletters or member magazine, setting up a hotline, and much more. She dealt with all of these tasks KomServ GmbH for their clients. Marco Saed

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Office Clubs

EU funds are now 26.10.2011 for clubs attractive BERLIN/Munich, can the members of the Association of German volunteer free find out about EU funding opportunities. Individual tips for a successful application in the civil society, twinnings, youth, education, and give the EU funding experts of consulting and continuing education undertaking emcra Europe are actively using”in an initial consultation. The EU provides in many programs funding for projects particularly clubs can benefit. Often it but lack the necessary expertise. Here, we want to start with the free initial consultation and help applying for the clubs,”says Heike Karakaya Tichy, Managing Director of emcra. Many clubs are closer to Europe than they think,”adds Hans Hachinger, Board of Directors of the Association German VOLUNTEERING e.V., which is specialized in the legal, tax and insurance-technical advice from non-profit organizations. Information on EU funding programmes are another component of our free services for clubs.” For over ten years, the German honorary Association supports the work of volunteers dedicated people. But not only the members of the German honorary benefit from the cooperation with emcra, but lots of interesting facts related to the associations is available on the website also non-members.

Under the new heading of promotion tip ‘ will be presented starting immediately in addition different EU funding programmes. About emcra: Emcra – Europe to actively use a training and consultancy is in the area of EU funding with seat in Berlin (Head Office), Munich and Dusseldorf. Since 2002 emcra certified trainings and seminars around the theme offered by European and national subsidies. Organizations are accompanied with the application and supports projects with external evaluation. In addition to years of project work and submission of successful attacks the emcra team on experience in the assessment of Proposals for the EU Commission and national agency Germany back. For more information, about German VOLUNTEERING e.V.: the German voluntary work Association cares for over ten years to the legal, tax and insurance technical protection of volunteers dedicated people. The membership provides the seal protection against liability risks ‘ and thus extensive protection against personal liability risks. The seal stands for the legal, fiscal, financial, and personal protection by club directors in relation to their volunteering.

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