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Appointment Announcement: BDVT Regional Club Lower Saxony And The

Relaunch with the magnificent seven”: Hannover, July/August 2010. The first event of the new management team of BDVT Lower Saxony takes place on Thursday, August 19. Innovative, provocative and economy close to the Association for trainers, consultants and coaches in Hannover presents itself. The scene is the exclusive spa and Sports Centre Aspria at the Maschsee, Rudolf-by-Bennigsen-UFER, Hannover.Duration of the event is from 18: 30 until 21:00. Content is about the magnificent seven”and this is not the famous Western! Joachim Reich and lecturer for theatre, dance and performance at the FH Ottersberg BDVT certified trainer, presented seven qualities that we all need in order to cope with everyday life in a short interactive workshop. Constructive and full of energy to success exciting for executives, HR and communication professionals with our events we stimulate exciting, which practically use our guests and members in their professional life.

Second, we give each night a structured networking to most effectively make the communicative Exchange. The event with Director and dance coach Joachim Reich makes the start and we welcome many new faces in business, training and communication,”the head of the Lower Saxony BDVT, Thea Simon-van de Ven outlined BDVT meeting in Hanover. Interested please register at: the BDVT e.V. is the Professional Association for trainers, consultants and coaches and is grown competence in personnel and organizational development as a partner of the industry for over 45 years. As one of many regional clubs, the BDVT in Lower Saxony, Germany focuses on modern networking and on providing innovative impulses with high benefits for members and guests. In the BDVT aim to exchange experiences, to socialize, discuss professional issues, specifically to make and to initiate transactions. The common goal: Developing people, shaping the future! Have any questions please contact the press contact of the BDVT regional Club Lower Saxony: Gudrun Jay bad, 0511 904694-46 or email: