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Reference Work

It must be for you an interesting and relevant. Then when you write (and protection) of you will feel “like a fish in water”. 2. Ask yourself a question: what, actually, the problem will affect this work? Outlines ways to address these problems. 3. Seek out books on the subject (except books, it is desirable to use as periodicals), make extracts from books and articles. If it is not contrary to the topics of work, trying to use modern sources.

The main phase of the student when the abstract, course or degree work in psychology – find relevant sources information on the study topic. Main sources: books, manuals and development, articles in scientific and methodological journals, collections of scientific and methodical works, conference materials, web pages Internet. When they are used to correct registration links to them, which will be discussed below. Can also be used, and unpublished materials. In the case of manuscripts is indicated in parentheses after the title source. If you are using an oral statement by the expert, is also mentioned in the text of the work. 4.

Makes the plan of the main body of the essay. Each problem paying a separate chapter, chapter is divided into sections. 5. Write a draft of your work, and the introduction of writing when the bulk of the work has already been written. After all, as you go head and abstract tasks may change slightly, and the introduction will have to rewrite. 6. Provide draft of the teacher (if he so requires). 7. Prints clean version of the work and compose a short message (for 5-7 min.), Which is useful in protecting the essay. Footnotes are drawn at the bottom of the page function Insert / Reference / Footnote. In a footnote necessarily an indication of source is fully acknowledged (copied from the list of references) and indicate the page number. (See sample) All primary sources in the footnotes and bibliography, but the author and job title, should have the name of publisher and year of publication, the total number of pages. Magazine and newspaper articles in the footnotes and bibliographies are issued as follows, first written in surname and initials of the author article, then the title of the article. Then, through the / / name of the magazine or newspaper, where they were published, year of publication issue number, page. Footnotes are made single-spaced, no indent. footnotes requires absolutely all studies, Including abstracts in psychology (the modern requirements of universities). Number of footnotes and references at least 1 on each page. Footnotes are placed in quotations, definitions from various sources, taken from sources formulas, examples, tables, figures, statistics – that is, the borrowed material. examples of abstracts, verification of contents introduction 1. Life and work of ja Comenius 2. pedagogical views Comenius 2.1. ja Comenius and his “Mother School” 2.2. Comenius on moral education.