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Nature of the FSI

Rig in the North Sea. In anticipation of the depletion of hydrocarbon reserves, states such as Norway and United Arab Emirates have secured their future reinvesting profits. If it is liquidated and divided among all the Norwegian GPF, each would receive about 80,000. Citation needed
Given the definition of the European Commission and according to several experts, the differentiation between FSIS and other state-owned funds such as pension funds or international reserves is complicated because they are all controlled by central banks, serve as an instrument of transfer except for intergenerational equity and pension funds, be used as a stabilizer in the event of short-term complications.
We had tried to differentiate the FSI of the funds of international reserves, based on the trend of the first to maximize the benefit in the long term and regular use of the past as an instrument of monetary policy in the short term. The line of separation, however, is diffuse, because the possession of highly liquid assets easily convertible into cash-is very common in the FSI and other pension funds as a way of diversifying risk. In addition, many FSI does not have a stated goal, and in some cases, even if it may have little online behaviors with them. Commonly suspected (be afraid) that the FSI is a political tool rather than a financial instrument and therefore their investment criteria are marked more by the interests of the government that it has financial goals.
However, despite the suspicious nature of the FSI, there has been no significant scandals, taking control of “national champions” and / or its transfer to the Fund Country-Western governments fear. If there have been cases, says The Economist (publication known as the Bible of liberalism), restrictions on investments of preventive FSI, such as refusal of the U.S. to a company controlled by the FSI dubaiti Investment Corporation of Dubai to manage the ports of New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans and Miami. or much earlier when in 1987 the government of Margaret Thatcher obligo KIA to sell more than half the 22 stake to the Kuwait Fund had acquired in British Petroleum. According to The Economist:
Sovereign-wealth funds are large and growing fast. Secretive and possibly manipulative, they are almost designed to raise Suspicions. That is why the chief threat they pose is of financial protectionism. And it is why today’s grand rescue on Wall Street is likely to lead to a backlash in Washington tomorrow.
The sovereign funds are large and growing fast. Surrounded by secrecy and possibly manipulative, they are almost purposely designed to raise suspicions. That’s why the main threat they pose is of financial protectionism. And that is why the great rescue of Wall Street today is likely to provoke a reaction (negative) in Washington tomorrow.
The most common mistake is to think that FSI are produced exclusively from the exploitation of natural resources, although the majority conforms to this pattern. Specifically, 62 of funds surveyed by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI) is based on oil and gas .

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Brazilian banks and other non-bank financial institutions had a total net income of 8.40 one billion reais (U.S. Active in politics serves as a Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School 4.33 bn) in the first quarter of 2009 is 36.6 of 1Q08, the latest figures from the central bank showed CBBD.
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