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Lane Bryant

Malsin Lena Himmelstein Bryant (1879-1951) was a clothing designer who founded the largest U.S. clothing chain Lane Bryant calls. In 1895, a sixteen-year-old immigrant buy stock named Lena Himmelstein arrived in New York, she came from Lithuania. Without the exchange family, she began working as a seamstress for a dollar a week. Lena quickly demonstrated his great art, and in less than a year and earned the special wage of fifteen dollars per week. stock quotes Before the age of 20, Lena married a Jewish Russian immigrant jeweler named David Bryant. Shortly after his son was born Rafael, David Bryant died soon. Lena Bryant widowed, she supported her son Rafael returned to modisteria within their small apartment. In 1904, Bryant opened a store. A bank officer wrote his name wrong in the bank account of the business, and she acquired Misnamed Lane instead of Lena. Thus, the well-known clothing company for women.
In 1909, Bryant married Albert Malsin, who became his partner. Lane Bryant remains the principal designer and Albert Malsin concentrated on business operations of the firm. In 1911, Bryant store gross alrrededor 50,000 dollars a year. But its potential is limited because none of the newspapers of New York agreed to advertise the stock market for maternity wear. Tradition dictated that such matters still were not published in the press. Malsins to 1911 convinced the New York Herald price stock to accept the publication of a stock notice. The stock market success of the enterprise was assured. Having achieved a large amount of sales of maternity wear, the next innovation was Malsin Bryant clothing made for women. Before World War I, no major manufacturer of clothing she had addressed this market. In 1923, sales of the company had reached the five million dollars. In 1915, Lane Bryant opened its first store in Chicago, and in 1969 the chain had already opened over 100 stores with sales reaching 200 million dollars.
Malsin Lane Bryant was a stock quote pioneer in customer relations and corporate philanthropy. Lane Bryant, Inc. work with the Red Cross. In 1947, for example, after a large explosion in Dallas or after World War II, Lane Bryant opened stores to donate clothes to those affected. We are talking about a joint and one of the best American designer fashion.

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