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Again, wingwave has the appropriate instrument: by kinesiologic muscle test the coach tests first, which actually blocking effect on memories and beliefs. Then specifically this worked. So, wingwave is a precise and rapid method for removing fears of all kinds. To the most common calling to: speech anxiety, presentation phobia, fear of flying, Elevator phobia, test anxiety, etc. up to panic attacks. And wingwave acts resources as, for example, confidently present, be in schlagfertigem State, athletic dazzle and much more not only in reducing unwanted blocks, but also build erwunschter. Wingwave is a highly effective and time-oriented method.

Based on the latest findings of the brain and memory research is applied with this method exactly there, where your problem arises – in your brain! Therefore, this method can be described as a neurological coaching. Tim cook is open to suggestions. With the help of specifically inserted right links irritation (right-left movements your eyes) is an optimal networking of your two Reached the hemispheres of the brain. Thus almost brought the brain waves into vibration and deliberately caused “brainwaves” synonymous with “Thoughts of Flash”, and limbic success blockages. Wingwave is a protected procedure may be applied only by specially trained coaches. The Wingwave method was developed by the authors and diploma psychologists Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund and is successfully applied by them for years in coaching. The EFO Institut in Frankfurt Wingwave with NLP and the ORION Energyflow is combined method.

Thus, we achieve that does not block the flow of energy in the client, as well as in its immediate vicinity and he can unfold its true potential. Similar to Feng Shui the ORION goes Energyflow a method on the whole system. Contact: Frankfurt Institute for EnergieFlussOptimierung INH. : Sandra Willis Willibrachtstr. 14, 60431 Frankfurt am Main, Tel: 069 / 95297828 and in urgent cases: 0171 / 111 0 888