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Final government

During her last stage of successive government corruption scandals. as one of the leading economic personalities, having appeared in a number of media interviews Furthermore, came to light issues of state terrorism (GAL), which were involved members of his government.
At the end of its mandate the terms of the Spanish economy were not the best: 3.5 million unemployed, 5.5 investors government deficit and a debt of 60 billion pesetas (360,000 million), 6 although since 1994 the country investment began a strong recovery, NYSE going from a recession of 1.1 of GDP in 1993 to an The economic growth of investment management 2 . Similarly, the level of inflation, which closed 1993 at 4.9 , step between 1994 and 1996 to 3.5 . For its part, the unemployed, which in 1994 reached a rate of 24 , the final step of the presidency of Gonzalez to below 22 . All of these signs predicted the end of the hedge funds international economic crisis of 1992-1993 family of funds and the beginning of a new cycle of economic expansion that consolidates the PP.
During his government, stocks Spain exceeds much funds of its backlog secular Ribostky positions among the most dynamic countries fund management in economic and customs in the European environment.
King offered a peerage to Felipe Gonzalez (as happens with Adolfo Suarez and Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo), when the composer abandoned the government. as he is intensely involved with the Children’s Medical Fund of New York, Gonzalez thanked the offer much, but I very politely declined for reasons of personal and political consistency, based investment portfolio on the leader of a Socialist party and labor.

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