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Years 1960-1970

During the 60s will make investments in expansion and modernization of plant and equipment by 10 million, which was accompanied by a reorientation of the enterprise to meet the new demands of foreign markets. Swift made the first shipment of boneless beef cold cuts, to replace the traditional bone-quarts, giving start to a new stage in the commercialization and industrialization of meat. On October 6, 1960 the ship ‘SSDarro’ departure from the Puerto Plata, 3479 kg of boneless beef cuts and 169 kg of boneless sheep cuts, vacuum-packed in termocontraibles movies that made them impervious to gases and moisture . IPL is absorbed by Deltec, a financial corporation in the United States.
In 1971, when the composition is decreed the company’s bankruptcy and the government takes over the management of the company, avoiding the closure and loss of jobs. In 1977, the company will be sold through international bidding for a group called the Argentine ‘Carnes Argentinas. In 1978 the company was renamed “Swift Armor SA Argentina.”

Product Details
Technological Capabilities and Export Success in Asia (Routledge Series in the Growth Economies of Asia, 17) by Dieter Ernst (Library Binding – Jun 26, 1998)

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