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Month: July 2017

June Conference

The second Conference on the use of open source software in data centers and large IT environments released a promising program. Nuremberg, May 17, 2010 – after a very successful call for papers the Conference program of the 2nd released today open source data center Conference 2010 on 23-24 June 2010 will take place in Nuremberg. The NETWAYS GmbH, the leading provider of services related to the theme open source hosting and monitoring, conducted Conference deals mainly with the use of open source software in data centers and large IT environments. The now published program can see osdc /… be obtained. The cost – and resource-saving advantages of open source have recognised now also many well-known companies and data centers, and rely increasingly on the use of free software.

This development is reflected in the strong interest of the industry in the Conference. We were even slightly surprised as well open source in great theme Environments has arrived. This encouraged us but all the more that the flexible and economical use of open source software is becoming increasingly important at the current time. “, so NETWAYS managing director Julian Hein. ‘ In addition to well-known German names such as Dr. Michael Schwartzkopff and Jorg Mollenkamp, an exciting, varied and extensive lecture program sizes is guaranteed by the promise of international of well-known open source. So the OSDC was the Director of consulting by Percona Baron Schwartz, JasperSoft business intelligence specialist Michael Schlenzka and Maciej Dobrzanski (senior consultant, Percona Inc.) curl to Nuremberg. The Conference offered the opportunity to participants to inform with interesting discussions and presentations on the latest trends and advances in the field of open source data center solutions. Through the featured best practices the latest know-how for daily practice can be appropriated also”, explains Bernd Erk, head of operations at NETWAYS. All interested parties, to the OSDC Conference 2010 want to participate, have the ability to secure one of the coveted tickets for the event are on the Conference website (

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Crystal Collection

MSI, a pioneer in technology, always striving to redefine luxury and technology, said the release of a new luxury model laptop MSI PR400 'collection' Crystal Collection. Having a simple, elegant shapes, executed in black and white color laptop MSI PR400 Crystal Collection topped 120 SWAROVSKI Austrian crystals of rock crystal handmade. Shining purity of the crystals in conjunction with the Shiny UV coating makes the notebook, giving it an amazing style, in perfect work of art, which certainly emphasizes the refinement of taste and uniqueness of the individual owner. Notebook MSI PR400 Crystal Collection uses the latest mobile technology and Intel Centrino vPro, combining a truly superior performance of security and management capabilities built directly into the chip. Intel vPro – is the latest technology from Intel, optimized for businesses and reduces the number of visits for staff direct service through remote monitoring, diagnosis and repair operation PR400 Crystal Collection notebook even if the system is off or not responding. Houtbuk MSI PR400 Crystal Collection has a 14.1-inch high- TFT color monitor, providing, through the use of technology, ACV (Amazing Crystal Vision – amazing Crystal-Vision), stunningly pure, rich in subtle details of the image with color saturation and sensational HD-quality. Together with the sumptuous widescreen display, high-definition multimedia interface HDMI, implemented in a laptop MSI PR400 Crystal Collection, provides optimal video quality, which will liven up your business meetings and presentation of rich natural colors.

Additionally, the HDMI interface will enjoy movies and television programs. With the support of the wireless networking standard 802.11N, laptop MSI PR400 Crystal Collection will provide any time, wireless Internet access, and Bluetooth wireless interface allows to connect additional devices. Integrated 1.3-megapixel portable webcam, wireless capabilities and integrated high-tech microphone Notebook MSI PR400 Crystal Collection allows you to broadcast video in real-time, for example, participate in video conferences. Notebook MSI PR400 Crystal Collection has a hard drive to 250 GB, enabling accommodate large multimedia collection. In addition, the laptop MSI PR400 Crystal Collection is also equipped for a quick and easy data transfer, 3-port USB 2.0, the device read / write memory card 5-in-1 recorder and optical drive, Multi-DVD.

To protect information unauthorized access to your laptop MSI PR400 Crystal Collection provides a safety function with integrated fingerprint reader. Having dimensions of 24 cm in length, 33 cm wide, 26.5-35 mm thick notebook MSI PR400 Crystal Collection is very portable. A through the hull of an aluminum-magnesium alloy notebook MSI PR400 Crystal Collection is the weight (along with a six-element battery) not more than 2.2 kg, making it a really good choice for those who value ultra mobile. Notebook MSI PR400 Crystal Collection comes pre-installed operating system Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium. For information. Founded in 1986, the corporation has steadily continued to follow the MSI principle, the situation is even at the base: quality, worthy of the highest awards, and the relentless care about the customer. The corporation specializes in developing and manufacturing of motherboards, video cards, servers and workstations, platforms, optical drives, devices, networking equipment and products consumer electronics, so called, CE-devices. Due to the quality of products and vysochashemu organization worthy of service to consumers, MSI managed to take third place among the best of Taiwanese companies to enter the top five the largest motherboard manufacturers in the world.

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Bonn Marketing

Brains think of nothing – dikutieren to the top topic in the marketing experts. When making purchase decisions, different processes take place in the brain. Which are exactly and use them as for the product advertising, busy neuro marketing itself. The branch of marketing research utilizes advances in brain research here. Experts from science and practice met now within the framework of a series of region in the 2010 “, to illuminate the popular subject from all sides. Initiators of the neuro Marketing Workshop: new ways of thinking? New ways?”were the University of Siegen, the industrial and trade Club South gasses e. V.

the wirtschaftsjunioren victory/Westerwald and the wirtschaftsjunioren South Westphalia. As an expert from the ranks of the Markenoptimierer, Marco Petracca, head of brand consulting by psv marketing, had been invited as expert advisor. With his experience from the practice he impressively showed the weaknesses of neuro marketing. While he underscore the compelling and sustainable effects examples Mark. Also Prof. Dr. Hanna Schramm-Klein from the Department of marketing of the University of Siegen and PD Dr. Bernd Weber from the Department of epileptology, University of Bonn & head NeuroCognition in their lectures, confirmed that neuro marketing currently still not can be used for predictions of buyer behavior. The online contribution of the University Siegen to the event at the Sparkasse Siegen found here.

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Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa

“In his opinion, “must demand the elimination of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), or a radical reform of these agencies, they are matters” discussed “in the eight previous meetings and where “There is consensus positions, which should become a single global political position.” To this must be added the arrival of some Latin American leftist presidents, who will discuss their feelings with regard to liberalism, particularly given the reality of capitalism and the review as no news The presidents of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay reached the World Social Forum, which called for “go on the offensive” and generating alternative proposals to liberalism. “The WSF must come together to take the offensive, because it was in its early years trenches of resistance to the liberal offensive,” asked the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, on his arrival.

“Hopefully the alternative (to the liberal economic system in crisis) come to the Forum (World Social) and Latin America,” he said after the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, who went from the airport to a social event with leftist Latin American leaders and his colleagues, Presidents Chavez, Fernando Lugo (Paraguay) and Evo Morales (Bolivia). To the sound of songs like “Hasta Siempre Comandante” and “our oath,” the presidents of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, surprised those attending the World Social Forum is held in the Brazilian city of Belem joining the musical group that entertained thousands of activists on PresidentA Ecuador, Rafael Correa sang several songs, then double voice with its Paraguayan counterpart Fernando Lugo, among these “Yolanda” and “Comandante Che Guevara.” “The people united will never be defeated,” chanted the participants at the event, all arrived by invitation..

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Protection Clothing

Safety through original protective clothing: the DuPont Nomex partner program worldwide are always more fake branded goods in circulation. This issue concerns not only fashion accessories and watches, but increasingly also personal protective clothing. This development is worrisome, because life and health of firefighters are in danger. Unfortunately you can not simply see such products at first glance”, explains Yuet Foo, DuPont Nomex value chain EMEA marketing manager. To make sure that the next purchase illegal products will invest in that buyers should be aware about program inside the clothing partner of Nomex label. Close cooperation for optimum protection on the Nomex partner program works DuPont work closely with carefully selected partners from knitting, weaving, yarn manufacturing and apparel manufacturing to best protect of the wearer against flames to ensure heat and heat stress. Each partner benefits from the technical knowledge of DuPont and has Access to the modern test systems of the company, to ensure the quality and performance of the finished fabric and clothing.

At each stage of production, from spinning and weaving to the final processing and for the production of the product itself, the company makes sure that only original-Nomex is used. A certification of the fabric by DuPont is carried out only after extensive testing, where it must be demonstrated that common quality standards are exceeded. Yuet Foo: All fabric must be regularly strict quality controls. These tests of heat and flame resistance and long-lasting performance aesthetics include.” Protection performance, durability, and comfort guarantees strict compliance with and verification of all applicable industry standards, as well as further measures the Nomex helps program partner to combat counterfeiting. We act for example, if the public or our partners indicate us suspicious cases. By special “Tests in our laboratory, for example, with a DuPont Thermo-man fire simulation test, can we check the authenticity of the protective clothing”, wife Foo explains. In addition, the company controlled as provided protective clothing is advertised with the DuPont brand.

This ensures that there are no trademark infringement or be made false claims. Ensure the continuous production chain, comprehensive tests and clear labelling, compliance, performance and product quality, the firefighters need. Buyers get the security that they would not get illegal or substandard products that are currently on the market. DuPont Nomex worldwide protect over three million firefighters fibers with gear, uniforms, and accessories made from DuPont Nomex. The fiber is spun into yarn, the yarn in turn is processed to fabric that is eventually used for the production of protective clothing. Nomex is known for its optimum combination of flame protection, durability and comfort.

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Mobile Information Services

Sales sentiment falls slightly / current and future importance of iPhone, iPad & co. Eltville am Rhein, 05.09.2011. Sales brokers and multiple agents is in the current study AssCompact trend III / 2011 once again slightly declined. Currently, nearly 80% of respondents indicating they were at least satisfied with the distribution of financial services. In the study of TRENDS II / 2011, the assessment was still about 2 percentage points higher. The mediator see more positive in the future. Over two-thirds of respondents expect an improvement in their business compared to the previous year 2011. Less than 10% of the participants expect a deterioration.

No surprises when the product recommendations and landings in the customer address personal risks like for example death and disability, the insurance optimization as well as private pension plans have the highest priority. The product sales are dominated by the disability insurance. This is followed by the private liability, the household and the motor insurance. Changes in the The respondents agents Crown favorites of intermediaries”such as each quarter its favored product providers in 26 product categories. As usual is changes in the rankings the result of. For example, pension insurance of the old Leipzig as well as HDI-Gerling at the top could rise within the linked 3. Both companies now share third place. The Rurup pension products the Alliance Federal replaces the people well as leader.

Use and benefits of apps”in the intermediary market gap” represents the current special issue deals with the current and future use of mobile information services and applications “in the intermediary market. Because so far largely lacking detailed knowledge about the usage patterns of the intermediary and the evaluation of new information technologies from the broker perspective. Mostly professional use of iPhone, iPad & co. So, currently almost half of the respondents brokers and multiple agents has a Smartphone and almost a third of a Tablet PC.

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Tax Accounting

Start here. Prodolzhenie.Raskrytie information in the financial statements in the composition of information about your organization's policies in the financial statements disclose the procedure for recognizing the managerial and commercial costs. In a report on damages and costs the company profits are displayed with the unit on administrative expenses, selling expenses, cost of goods sold, services, products, labor and other costs. When the cases indicate in the statement of profit and loss account items of income, which separately sostavlyayutkazhdy of which separately is more than 5 percent of total company revenues for the year, it indicates some of the costs, which soostvetstvuet each species. Other costs can not be displayed in the report on losses and gains deployed against the corresponding income, provided that: the costs and related income, which arose in result of identical or similar in nature of economic activity, are not essential to characterize the financial situation of the company; appropriate accounting rules do not zapreschayutili provide this mapping costs. In the financial statements as disclosed at least the following information: the change of flow rate, non-vychesleniyu Cost of sales of services, works, goods, production during the year, expenditures on ordinary activities in the context of cost elements, cost that is equal deductions in connection with the formation in accordance with the accounting rules of reserves (estimated reserves for future expenses, etc.).

Other expenses for the fiscal year, which, in accordance with the rules of accounting are not accrued in the year to the profit and loss must be disclosed in accounting obosoblenno.Nalogovy uchetObschee position main regulating instrument of expenditure in the tax account is 25 head of the Tax Code (tax profit). Taxpayers calculate tax base After each of the reporting (tax) period on the basis of tax accounting. Tax accounting is a system of compiling information to determine the tax base, based on primary documents, grouped in accordance with the procedure stipulated by the Tax Code. On occasion, when the accounting registers contained insufficient information to determine the tax base in accordance with requirements of this chapter, the taxpayer may apply independently fill accounting registers other details, thereby forming the tax registers uchetaili to separate registers tax accounting. Tax accounting is to form a complete dostovernoyi inf-lattice on the treatment for taxation of business transactions. Tax accounting taxpayer arranged independently, based on the principle of consistency in applying the norms and rules of tax accounting.

The procedure of tax accounting is established in the taxpayer's accounting policies for tax purposes, approved appropriate order of the head. Tax and other authorities do not have the right to set the format of documents to the taxpayer of the tax accounting required. When the payer opens up new kinds of activities, he is also obliged to identify and reflect the accounting policy for tax purposes, principles and procedures for mapping purposes of taxation of these activities. These tax records must show procedure for determining the share of expenses that are deductible for tax purposes in the current tax period, the balance of costs to be expensed in subsequent tax periods, formation amounts of revenues and expenditures, the amount payable to the budget for the tax, as well as the procedure of formation amounts of reserves produced. Confirmation of tax records are: analytical tax accounting registers; calculation of the tax base, the primary records (including accountant's certificate). To be continued …. Ltd. 'Censor' provides a variety of accounting services.

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