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The Final Word Watch

I sat in a chair waiting, while John is my hairdresser accidentally took the time to look at vacation photos from another customer. Who lost at least 5 minutes. (Some people may not be annoyed at having their time wasted, but unfortunately for John, I was not one of them.) When it finally comes, instead of wondering how I, or comment on the state of my hair, proceeds to tell me all the details about his life (as he often does) and is so self-centered was not aware that the fact Without people like me (a paying customer), no would be in this business. It does not end there. The final blow came when his mobile phone rang in the middle of my haircut. Without apology or saying to me: “Sorry, I have to take this call,” he answers the phone and goes for another 5 minutes.

At that time I was ready to explode. Instead, it’s cool, calm and collected person I am (sometimes), I took some deep breaths and swore he would never go there again. How much money have you lost? As a regular customer who had an average spending of $ 110 every six weeks (that’s a color and cut), I would be worth about $ 900 a year plus any product you buy. And that’s another thing, John often complained of not having sufficient income, but never trained their staff how to sell additional products. People (especially women), one can easily buy shampoos, conditioners, gels, etc, if your staff proactively recommend it. Products are sold only by default, when a client mentioned that questions had been exhausted. I was one of those clients who asked questions about various products and are willing to buy, except that they were always in stock! (See how it affects their income disorganized!) Focus on what counts Being a good hairdresser, accountant, technical or anything else for that matter does not automatically mean that your clients will continue to invest their money with you.

You have to pay attention to them for being proactive in caring for them and not reactive when they complain. In fact most people will not tell if they are unhappy with your products or services, only be carried elsewhere. In addition, they will help spread the word by telling others about their experiences with you damaging its reputation and potential future customers. The Final Word Watch how to manage your business. Survey your customers and know how to really find your products / services, customer care, service monitoring, etc. After all, do not know how good you really are? You and your team may think it’s great, but what they think their customers (and pay) what counts.