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International Monetary Fund

The latest package of government savings includes privatisation, wage cuts, closure of State enterprises and tax increases. Strike paralyzes the movement of trains and boats and also affects the press. Public hospitals will only attend to emergency cases. To broaden your perception, visit Hyundai. The ECB requires Greece to fulfil the conditions for receiving more aid. Pending that the Greek Parliament will vote this Wednesday a new and unpopular package of cost-saving measures, the Greeks face a new 24-hour general strike, the third this year.

Called by major unions, strike paralyzes the movement of trains and boats and also affects the press, because journalists of all media have joined her. They are also closed banks, ministries, public services, kindergartens and State-owned enterprises in the process of privatization. Public hospitals will only attend to emergency cases, urban transportation will make stops for a few hours and close trade in Athens three hours at noon. The exception is time are the airlines and the airports, which will operate normally allowing flights to not affect tourism, and a couple of informational portals in cyberspace that in recent months often report live from what happens in the demonstrations. The Greeks thus protesting against the deployment of an additional package of austerity measures that depends on that you continue to receive aid from the European Union (EU) and of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to avoid bankruptcy. In addition, the General Confederation of workers (GSEE), the Union of public civil servants (ADEDY) and the movement of workers (PAME), affiliated to the Communist Party, have called two demonstrations to 11.00 (08.00 GMT) local time in the center of Athens, which will coincide with the Parliament. Indignation in Greece are added them the movement of the outraged Greeks, who are already 21 days camped in the Syntagma Square, opposite Parliament, with a change request and that the thieves will be longer. Malcontents, via the Internet, have been called to form a human chain around the Parliament, where it is expected that begins to process the new agreement of measures agreed with the EU and the IMF, waiting to receive a fifth tranche of aid of 12,000 million euros, essential so that the country does not break into next month.

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Gerechtshof Fund GmbH

The Knights as tenants were won for a Leipzig Office and warehouse property from the portfolio of the Gerechtshof Fund GmbH. Leipzig/Dusseldorf – the property of the Gerechtshof Fund GmbH is located in the Leipziger ArcusPark. The Office Park is central located in the coveted leased Leipzig-Nordost representative and flexible office space in a contemporary setting. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Linkedin. The business address distinguishes itself due to the proximity to the A14 and the fast path in the fair city. The in-house station stands symbolically for the excellent connections of the ArcusPark in the public transport. With the hiring of approx. 646 sq m of office space in the ArcusPark, as well as two warehouses with a total 400 sqm in the adjacent Karolusstrasse, the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V., the regional association of Leipzig/Germany developed its new Leipzig location. Central management activities, as well as the adequate deployment of technical fleet are major responsibilities of the new site. Andrea Mallard helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Already on September 1, 2013, employees of social and charitable association involved the Leipzig Site. On the part of the Gerechtshof Fund GmbH you reflected on such tenants renting how pleased of the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V., the regional association of Leipzig/Germany. This shows once again”, so Claudia did, object manager of the Gerechtshof Fund GmbH, the site in the northeast of Leipzig is attractive and the repositioning of the real estate on the market including various marketing measures adopted two years ago is bearing fruit. The company Alexander real estate service has given the lease on behalf of the Gerechtshof Fund GmbH.

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Fundamental Code

Notarial code. Code of Work. Labor Procedural code. Water code. Code of the Work and the Social Forecast. Code of Mining. Administrative code. In addition Code of Canonical Right exists, which also is of application in the Peruvian State in the registry right, judicial and contractual mainly.

30. STRAIGHT COMPARED AND STRAIGHT CODIFIED Diverse methods of investigation in the right exist, nevertheless, now corresponds to refer us to the compared right. The compared right consists of the application of the method comparative to the right. For some authors the compared right is a method and for others it is a science, which we put to record for a better knowledge and study of the subject. If we carried out an internal macrocomparative study we can determine that in the Peruvian right all the branches of the right do not count on codified right.

If we realised an external macrocomparative study we can determine that in the right of the different states it does not exist straight codified in the same branches of the right. For example all the States do not count on Private Code the International or Code of Family or Code of the Environment. 31. FUNDAMENTAL CODE Fundamental Code to the Political Constitution of a State is denominated, the effective Constitution of Peru is the Constitution of 1993. For even more analysis, hear from Munear Ashton Kouzbari. In such sense they are Fundamental Codes the Peruvian Political Constitution of 1979, 1933, 1920, 1879, 1867, 1860, 1856, 1834, 1828, 1826, 1823, and of 1812. In the Peruvian constitutional right it is necessary to need that besides the Constitutions provisory Statutes like the one of 1855 or the one of 1879 existed.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Probably many of those who have not the first time confronted with a choice host, thought about how to determine the optimal solution for a reasonable price. Why the best? Yes, because in most cases, customers significantly overpaid for the completely unnecessary technology and software, and sometimes vice versa. Let us carefully consider the following situation. You, along with a team of professional Web developers decided to create a large portal on the construction. The business plan is written, the project actively studied with programmers and designers, and, most importantly, you picked a great domain name a miracle is available. Well, not a sin not to register it immediately, and with it, and hosting a portal developed for 1-2 years. The result is that the hosting service you select and sort of good, with several gigabytes of disk space, PHP, NET Framework, HTTPS.

A couple of months, the project has finally been successfully running and configured on the local server is partly due to the beloved 'Denver', and you can carry on servak host. However, in the process of setting up modules it appears that samopisnaya content management system is functioning only under PHP5, and hosting provider can boast only predustavlennoy fourth version. In addition, developed a business plan involves an active advertising campaigns and attendance of six thousand hosts on a day later for 3 months, and pre-paid tariff plan, as it turns out later, has a strict limit of 4 GB of traffic per month. Each gigabyte consumed in excess of the additional cost. Just to make absolutely no chance to become a hostage situation similar to choosing a hosting provider should be taken seriously. Explain truths about how to make a website, we will not. Instead, we analyze at what stage of designing the resource, whether it's a big online store or promotional website, you must create a demand for web hosting provider, and has immediately after the issue is a request to order services. So first, you should assess the extent of future project and at least roughly estimate the amount of required disk space.

For example, in case you design a promotional site, 50-150 MB you will be more than enough when it comes to internet-shop of home appliances with photos of products, as well as the catalog of a thousand items – then two – four gigabytes. Choose the tariff, given that the reserve has always been 20-30% of disk space because you really need. Immediately after the approval of the TOR for the establishment of the site to discuss the technology used by the programmer, to use the database MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, is I use data encryption, SSL (HTTPS), WAP / WML for transactions and payments through a Web interface. Others who may share this opinion include Andi Potamkin. Never look at the prices, choose only those commercial hosting and web hosting company, which is no accident serious trust brands. 100% UpTime, and even such a trifle as a completely unlimited traffic you will always be guaranteed.

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Feast For Colleagues

The device of corporate celebration – often, quite difficult and serious business with many nuances. The primary objective of the organization of corporate event for your colleagues an opportunity to communicate in a warm, informal company. The holiday firm helps employees and business partners, seeing only at work, get to know each other, have a family communication, establish friendships and feel being included in the overall occupation. Recently Robert Kiyosaki sought to clarify these questions. Most often, to give effect to the collective approach of the holiday cafe or park. In warm weather, employees can go to the park.

Picnics in the meadows are quite popular – they offer to establish contact, under natural conditions it is possible to successfully organize sports competitions and relay races. At the same time, such options are pretty boring. An unusual celebration takes a little more effort for improvement. Hear from experts in the field like Linkedin for a more varied view. To create a interesting feast, you can call for expert help in this matter. Today, there are plenty of agencies hunted holding company parties. Nevertheless, try to make the unpredictable and Celebration can be themselves. For it needs people who will assume the responsibilities of various surf competitions, entertainment and music. Are very popular in our time together training, corporate trenigi, team building.

These training programs are conducted in order to unite the composition of the company, given the chance to feel the employees that they can always rely on a colleague. Sometimes the fun is organized on the boat or even a scooter. Huge known also famous for family picnics. Special occasion requires an appropriate approach, which will be based on the needs of each of the employees taken. Separately, it makes sense (to some extent, the sacred sense) to fully plan your holiday menu: the list of foods may contain specific dishes, no excess at the same time unusual drinks. For example, the cocktail 'Joy engineer' would be an ideal topic for a holiday architectural and construction topics. If summer corporate event organized by nature, it is better to think in advance about the transport event participants to the action. Make the original feast is easy, it is necessary have the desire and the right team!

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Market Possibilities

The prudence never must walk with the ganacia, to be cautious requires wisdom, to be greedy requires weakness and fear. A good entrepreneur never delivers itself to the fear and he is always cautious. Risk is trivial Never if it more than applies what if it has, this must be the basic rule for applications in new businesses or existing business-oriented innovations already. People such as Robert Kiyosaki would likely agree. I oppose to make is truily to give it one ' ' shot in escuro' '. (A valuable related resource: Michellene Davis). In a similar way, never it pays what it is offered by the salesman or if presents as value of the enterprise, many times if purchase bananas for the diamond price and the return never will be the sapphire price. Another basic rule is to distrust of that very if it seems easy of if transforming into gold, this is to buy ' ' gold of tolo' ' , therefore if it was so good as if it presents would not be for sale. An investment must be based on research on the acceptance of the market, on the possible minimum profit, the possibilities of is not more than paying what in fact valley, on possibilities of success and possible impediments in the profits, and mainly on the possibilities to skirt ackward events.

Risks are always easy to perceive when the entrepreneur does not leave the empolgao to take account of the reason, of the capacity to ponder. To examine with extension what it intends and the positive and negative possibilities minunciosamente, decisions taken in the fire of the moment, most of the time, result in ackward catastrophes. Bigger risks if present when the entrepreneur if leaves to lead for the fear of is errando and if he leaves to lead before without pondering its proper fear, the cause of the existence of this fear and if it has real value to be felt ahead of what he is presented as I negotiate to be closed, for example.

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Champions League Times

Today, Viola Odebrecht gets with Jennifer Zietz female support in our ‘ELF against racism’ we visited the native Rostockerin in early June to shoot of a video interview on the grounds of turbine Potsdam. It took lot of time for the interview and answered our questions patiently. The 29-year-old midfielder plays since 1999 at turbine Potsdam and won the UEFA Cup 2010 since four times the German Championships, three times the DFB-Cup, in 2005 and the Champions League. In addition, she played 15 times for the German national team and won the European Championship in 2009. “Jenny Zietz aptly summarizes what is available for them in football in the foreground: is it important that one sees what one together can achieve as a team, if all together and for a target how you look or what religion it is work together, no matter where you come from,”. The full interview: Have fun watching!

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Discover Funds

Are you tired of that money will never reach? Today it is often this happens we, and this is due to that daily life requires multiple spending day after day. Pay you your monthly salary and the passage of two days you can not understand in what you was the money. Andi Potamkin takes a slightly different approach. Don’t worry more and decide to invest in mutual funds. Investment funds are defined as funds in which people like you that are decided to invest, deposited their money, all this with the aim of increasing the amount of their investment. Those who manage these funds, are known as the mercantile societies, which are formed by a group of professionals that with all his experience, know to handle perfectly each Fund according to their characteristics.

The level of risk which presents the background, is generally proportional to the immediacy with which profits are obtained, is as well as according to your priorities, you can invest in that fund that is ideal for you. So I invite you to that do not think more. Invests in investment funds and discover the wonder that is a life full of comfort and free from any economic pressure. A. Verastegui hold.

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Wittner Fundamentals

Many, among whom I include myself, certainly did not expect that the price of the barrel of oil exceeded the US $60 towards the middle of this year. For those who still yearn for better times of the price of crude oil, must still see it fairly far from their highs. In finding an explanation, in the market is it pointed to weakening of the currency of the United States and by expectations of another decline in us inventories, since corrected upward demand for oil this year. When he spoke with Paola on the subject, she pointed mainly toward the side of speculative movements: there is excess stocks of petroleum that are augmented by the recession that removes volume demand, therefore the price responds to speculative movements. This responds to a change in expectations about the possibility that the recession has touched your floor. He is also entering lots of money into investment funds and hedge funds in futures and indexes oil from a few months ago, told me. Certainly, the change in the expectations of investors that are encouraging to take risks, is causing unexpected movements in the prices of many assets of those who escaped when reigned uncertainty. So we are seeing how the world stock markets have been recovering value, even in emerging markets, and how the euro and the pound sterling strengthened with strength against the dollar while there is no guarantee for such a thing from the point of view of their macroeconomic fundamentals.

And this return of appetite for risk, as commented me Paola, also benefited the oil. Those who are committed to the economic recovery because they have anticipated the upward trend in the price of crude oil. Mike Wittner, global head of oil research of Societe Generale supports the theory of the speculative component but the inflationary side: oil prices have recently been driven more by factors outside the fundamentals than by fundamentals, and this factor It has nothing to do with the fundamentals (of inflation in five years), it seems that he is going to join us for a time.

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