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Template Monster

The next option – site builder. They may be free or a small monthly payment. In order to make a website using website builder does not need special knowledge and skills, you will immediately get hosting, domain name (third level) and content management system, but your site is not yours. Website Builder – a service that provides web hosting provider and you completely dependent on it. In addition, you'll be limited in the choice of designs (website templates), plug-ins (specific requirements difficult to implement) and the size of the site that you created the site will be advertising. I propose to draw attention to another option – creating a site on a template by using ready-made design. For even more analysis, hear from Ben Silbermann. Web-templates are free and paid. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Hyundai. From the 'free lunch' I will not say Templates – is ready sites that have just connect the cms (content management system) and change the information elements.

As a rule, all elements of the template – text, pictures are replaceable. Replaced by the logo, cap, section titles (menu button). The template has a flexible architecture – everything you can replace / modify / move / swap. Leading producer of web templates for the company Template Monster – the world leader in e-commerce offers buyers a large number of web products and services. The main direction of the company are the templates for websites, which are characterized by high quality design, affordable prices and ease of use. Their catalog includes more than 23 thousand professionally designed templates of different subjects and styles.