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Paris Business

Clay plates inform residents of the ancient Phoenician city on the implementation of various goods, services and entertainment. Whitewashed plaster walls in the streets of ancient Rome – 'Albumusy' – were lined in squares, in which lenders and dealers in coal or purple paint inscribe their ads. Starting from the XI century. You can talk about a new phase of urban culture and its important implications for advertising. If during the early Middle Ages, traditional commercial 'conventions' – fair occurred mainly in the vicinity of a large monastery respected (for example, known from the VII century. Fair in the vicinity of St. Denis, modern suburb of Paris), they are now more oriented to the urban centers became strong. A significant development receives advertising from the emergence of such phenomena as barter and trade.

As the engine of commerce, advertising both a driving force for technological progress, but progress will inevitably puts stamp on ways and means of advertising … After going a long way together with the very humanity of advertising has become inconspicuous appendage of the human life in a vivid and multifaceted phenomenon. Today it is a science and an art, and economics, and the path of self-knowledge society at the same time. Gave a significant boost advertising such as the invention of man print media, radio, television and the Internet. As you and I can see, today the greatest flow of information sources emit these transmission of advertising information.

Moreover, this flow has the greatest scope grateful readers, listeners or viewers. But new times call for alternative solutions, the streets of our city are now full of posters, billboards, prizmatronami, citylights, scooters and many others. Huge funds are spent producing goods and services and for the formation of the image or the image of its products through internal and external advertising. And now, the company introduced its revolutionary InfoBox razrobotku in advertising business – displays 'InfoBox'. Design 'InfoBox' are bright, eye-catching displays, containing the cell under a business card advertising your company. These structures work in places where large Number Your potential customers (WTC, supermarkets, business centers, beauty parlors, movie theaters, etc.). Feature of 'InfoBox' is to build the structure itself: scrolling drum can not take a few cards simultaneously, which can turn them into trash, and disinterested person can not return the card back into the cell because of the special lock. At the same time interested client would get a business with ease card companies that interest him and read him the correct information. Experts of our company held a series of studies that confirmed the effectiveness of this method of advertising for you and identified a number of advantages: It is noticeable to potential customers and convenient way of placing information in the right places to the right people, having no analogues in the CIS. A wide network of accommodation structures InfoBox will allow you to determine the location of your business cards at any point and the most accurately select the desired target audience. Special branded business cards, talk about promotions, discounts, promotions, and shall give special way Your firm. Business cards easily pomeschayutsya in a purse, wallet or pocket, purse, in addition, they are simply extracted from the cells display on one and you can not return back to the cell due to the unique design of Info Box. InfoBox design a low cost, but samyx effektivnyx ways to distribute promotional information! You can see the benefits of advertising with 'InfoBox', they are obvious! Advertising business with the InfoBox will exceed your expectations!