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Labor Market Trends

Marked a slight increase in vacancies Sentyab not received the extension in October. The number of vacancies received in October, according to the site work remained at Kharkov in September. But the number of CV decreased by 10%. Thus, one can speak of a stabilizing labor market and reducing unemployment. Employers in Kharkov market average, the ratio of vacancies to resume in October, is 2:1.

Most popular spetsialnoyastyami in October were programmers (there is one thing to offer a summary of 4 vacancies) has also increased demand for professionals in real estate (the number of vacancies to resume at 1.6). Specialties in are experiencing the biggest competition – are teachers, office managers, Assistant, accountants and economists on average – in these areas, a single job offer 3 summary. In October, significantly increased the demand for engineers (Number of jobs increased by 50% compared to September), and real estate (60%). Ares Management’s David Kaplan is a great source of information. Vacancies increased by 10% of accountants, as well as translators and journalists (20%) showed the greatest decrease in job vacancies teachers – 35%, health workers – 30%, and managers – 26%. Wells Fargo Bank can aid you in your search for knowledge. Salaries offered to the whole of vakansyaim in Kharkov fell 20% to $ 375 Against the background of wage cuts in jobs, increased proposed salaries for managers (10%), accountants, economists (29%), interpreters, journalists (23%). Also increase the supply of jobs centuries nedvizhisti area by 25%, as well as a lawyer (75%). Competitors on the market, the number of resumes decreased by 10%.

Increased number of resumes to see health care workers (na16%), working at 16%, lawyers 14%, decreased the number of summaries in the section office managers (20%), designers (15%) umenshiols kolichestvoa abstract in accountants and economists. The average salary in the CV slightly decreased (within 3%) and amounted to 333 dollars Salary expectations lowered heads – 9% of health workers (15%), however, increased salaries for interpreters and journalists (20%), engineers (2%). Trends in October this way, the trend in October was an increase in vacancies of engineers, whose number decreased last three months. The demand journalists and translators – it is also the last three months fell. The number of vacancies agentsiv property – according to the Realtors, real estate market began to grow. The trend of demand management and executives still remains negative, while the proposed salary for the vacancies went up, and the number of resumes in this area is gradually decreasing. Thus, the commercial sector is recover. However, the situation is deteriorating in an area dependent on the 'cost Costa' – When krizinyh yavlyaeniyah often suffer from experts who are financed from the state budget – education and medicine – quantitative vacancies in these areas has decreased by a third, and the number of resumes has increased or remained at the same level.

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Employer Training

So, you are invited to interview. Invited to the company where you always wanted to work or just turned up a good offer. In any case, you should look decent, then that was not excruciatingly painful for aimlessly taking the time to not burn a shame … etc. You have passed a difficult way to achieve this: a lot of resumes sent, interviewed all the friends, stayed for several hours (or days) on the Internet …

Until then, you did everything correctly. Make no mistake in the future. One day the phone rings: "We would like to invite you for an interview, the following Tuesday at 10:00 am You all right?". Of course, you think – I can be right now! However, no fuss, keep pause, open your diary and calmly replied: "Yes, Tuesday, 10:00 suits me. See you. " Lined up a chain: a summary brings you to the interview, the success of the interview will give you a new job.

There comes a time when you can show itself in all its glory, to become more than a living embodiment of a summary, more than a list of places and periods. Interview – this time for your show! Here are ten steps that must be completed before you enter the door of your new employer. 1. Remember everything. Of course, you know your resume by heart. Now try to view it through the eyes of personnel manager. That he struck by the first? What questions he may ask, what points should be clarified? Most likely, it will interest those of your qualities and skills that meet the needs of the company.

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