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Alexander Medvedev

This is perhaps one of the reasons that most often pushes the train. 7. Socializing with friends, peers in gym. Yes, this is an argument. Through sweat, the effort is growing friendship. Relationships are established through common interests that carry over outside the hall.

8. Participation in the competition. Although if you think about it, you surely huge experience behind them on pumping. And it’s hardly been the reason for which you first went to the rocking chair. 9. Fun.

Muscle fatigue can feel the body. Who knows – you will understand what it is. 10. Feeling of weakness and lack of respect for themselves. Think that will pump up the respect for you. But is this true? Reliance may popribavitsya, but that’s probably not valid. 11. They all go and I will! Friends go to swing, and you do not. So you, too, decided to walk for the company. 12. A set of muscle mass. This reason is also very common. You want to increase the weight of his body. 13. You ashamed that you’re a wimp. Agree, there are some people that you harvest the hand and seems to greet with a fragile girl. 14. You just put in the time to do nothing, and you’re killing time, talking and swaying along to the hall. Often encountered in the halls of contingent bullies who go to socialize and spend time. They stick out in the hall for hours. And finally, Watching them for a few months, you see that they, and 5 kg on the bar is not threw, to increase muscle mass at all the question. Actual results can be achieved only when you are moving toward the goal. Exactly GOAL – Your main driving force that will not allow classes to quit, which would make lessons interesting, fill you with energy and give you strength. That is your target occupation will determine the method of training. You do not have to spend Your time is useless on the wrong technique which does not bring you to the ends. Spend some more time to think – why you need it? If you think that there is no time or no meaning, then ask yourself, how much time you spend in class, on the way to the gym, to finally understand that – meaning something special and was not. In conclusion, I would say probably about the most important. Do you think that all the statements of objectives and, most that’s done? No, your goals must match your true desires, not imposed from outside, namely, your personal desires. And for this you have to have an opinion based on your knowledge, your vision. With narrow outlook, you risk to miss something important, then what you do not know. It is important to communicate with positive role models, positive people, that is, those who achieve their goals. Broaden your horizons, your knowledge of you are interested in the topic. For reference, a selection of books to expand the horizons for a variety of topics ranging from bodybuilding and ending with the esoteric business and you can find on the site Extend boundaries of his horizon, dream on the future, put a goal!

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Boxing Gloves

Understandably, the history of boxing, or boxing fight extends far into the past. Feel free to be talking about several tens of thousands of years. Archaeology provides irrefutable evidence of the existence of special devices attached to the hands of men at different times for different purposes: to protect and less likely to soften the blows, more often to increase the lethality of fists. These fights were almost the main component of the combat training soldiers. Fist fight in a sport well studied by historians of the ancient Greeks, beginning around the XII century. BC Boxing gloves had already represented the simplest form of hand and wrist protection – soft leather strips braid hands, fingers and even preplechya. Such simple boxing gloves were called 'meylihay'. Later – starting with the VI.

BC – To replace them began to come more sophisticated gloves sfayrai, consisting of two parts: the leather ring on the joints and proper gloves that reached up to the forearm. In 688 BC fist fight was included in the ancient Olympic Games. The battle took place on the sanded floor of a square. The winner is the one who sent his opponent in the knock-out or forced to surrender. The next stage in the development of boxing gloves began in ancient Rome from the end of IV to II cent. BC.

Oe. The fact that boxing is a sport event is not caught in Romans – it seemed too cruel to them, that is only fit for bloody gladiatorial combat. Leather belts were equipped with various kinds of spikes, with metal rings, knots, or tin-coated brass. Such boxing gloves called cesta. Fights ended in serious injury or death of gladiators, boxers. In the Roman Empire in I. BC box was found outside the law, it literally and figuratively put an end to the next Ten centuries. In Russia, had long been a special culture of boxing, which is mentioned more in the Tale of Bygone Years (1068). Russian fist fights have never been any source of income for the soldiers, nor for the audience. Unwritten rules of humane existed forbidding lying to beat, hit back with a 'tripping', to strike down or head, arm than a hand. The Orthodox Church has fought tirelessly with these 'barbaric' fun, but after 1917 with Box, who came from Europe, began to fight the Bolsheviks, accusing him of all sins burzhuinskih. Meanwhile, in old England was being rapidly developed classic English boxing – the heir to the ancient Greek Fisticuffs. Boxing gloves have appeared in the XV century. Used exclusively for training. At competitions Gentlemen Prefer fight with bare fists. Boxing gloves were tightly filled with horse hair and flaked skin. In 1867, the Marquess of Queensberry proposed new set of rules for boxing, one of the main points of which was a requirement to use the boxing gloves to improve the safety of boxers. Since then, gloves can be divided into two categories: training and combat gloves. To date, differ not only in combat and training, but amateur, professional, slug, coaching, gloves and lace gloves Velcro. There are two filler for the boxing gloves: gloves, a fiber and foam.

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