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Successful Bankruptcy Advisor As Partner Program Inspires Affiliates

Quick help for self-help with Partnerprgramm for insolvent independent Stadland/Oldenburg. The insolvency consultant and author Dieter Buge from city land near Oldenburg, going with a partner program completely new paths in the insolvency advice. According to own he therefore relieves his “Facce-to-face consulting” enormously and “gives” its clients namely insolvent self-employed persons in Germany, “a lot of money!” Insolvent self-employed are allowed to keep about legal 80% of their revenues now! With his new partner program, a greater readership of his advisors ‘financial freedom despite insolvency”, released as a book in 2007 for the first time, to reach intended Badi. About so-called affiliates, so advertising partners who actively offer its bankruptcy Advisor via email address or for advertising on their pages, the 53 year old insolvency consultants would like to “…mehr insolvent self-employed persons, who are already in the rules bankruptcy and good behavior phase or are about rule insolvency or corporate insolvency” “to register, take courage and show them how they legally, quickly and easily about to keep 80% of their revenues before tax!” According to Buge, there are currently about 500,000 business owners and entrepreneurs who are in the so-called rule of bankruptcy and desperately looking for a legal way to free herself from the Tower of debt and for their hard work. Read additional details here: Ben Silbermann. to be rewarded despite bankruptcy, again.

More info under: and then in the footer on the “Affiliate program”. With his for bankruptcy Advisor-new advertising and marketing concept beabsicht insolvency consultant Dieter Buge now, to attract the majority of the 500,000 insolvent entrepreneurs and to allow them, to keep completely straightforward about 80% of their revenues. Taking into account that the practice looks like, that the bulk of the troubled independent currently 80% over a period of 6 years dissipate, it goes here a gigantic savings potential, which enables Buge companies with the tips of his advisor.

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Internet FuBus

Future business KG A informed well on its own news website Dresden November 2012: the future business KG A (FuBus) occurs has always been comprehensively and on different channels with their target audience in contact. Interested can check A and the financial services industry now also on a company’s own news site about news around the world of the future business KG. Under the can be found from now regular contributions, providing an exciting insight into the work of future business KG A (FuBus). Wont open and kept in the typical FuBus design, the reader with interesting background reports on the business areas of the company, such as real estate, investments and property supplied. The FuBus would effectively extend their presence on the World Wide Web with this step and to provide an additional information channel. While the homepage of future business KG already informed A (FuBus) of all areas, the focus is on current news. Another focus will be on relevant background information on aspects of the financial services being created.

The future business KG A (FuBus) gradually expanding the news page and provides continuously interesting content, reports and photo galleries for readers. You will find comprehensive information about the launch of the page under. The company also offers daily updated news and short messages on the Facebook business page on Future.Business.KG.A and the Twitter profile: “Future business KG A builds online presence from the FuBus their binding forward forward, in the future with customers, continue to intensify in the spirit of the company message business partners and interested in finance investments in the future”. Goal of the Newsportals is still focused news to supply with our target group, as we have already done. A wide Internet presence is extremely important for a company and to the FuBus we take very seriously this aspect.

In the future we will also further this area expand. It remains exciting anyway,”explains Managing Director of the INFINUS PR & Marketing GmbH Denise Voigtsberger. About the future business KG A (FuBus) the future business KG A (FuBus) on 23 February 2000 in Dresden, Germany founded. The underwriter is the focus of a broad-based Group of companies. The future business KG acquires A (FuBus) participations, she cares about the purchase and recovery of pension and life insurance products and acquires selected real estate in prime locations. Investors have the opportunity to participate in A (FuBus) by purchasing public and market interest rate-independent investment products in the form of participatory rights or order notes the success of future business KG.

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The Secret Of A Successful Internet Presence

Underestimated more sales and profits for small and medium-sized firms while the Internet now conquered the world by storm and is no longer indispensable, as is the importance of a professional Internet presence. Here, just the smaller firms and individual entrepreneurs awarded an excellent opportunity to generate additional revenue and profits. This applies to all industries. It doesn’t matter whether craft, trade or manufacture. Who needs a business card, you need a professional website! And this website must be maintained and updated, because he otherwise throws a counterproductive effect on visitors to the site. The Internet will be soon info media number 1! Over 80% of Internet users inform in advance online with the purchase of a product.

And still have 55% (!) of companies with fewer than 9 employees no website or the existing is already in the years come. The good known homemade Web site can cost quickly some customers when it is unprofessional. You are working for Its website only with professionals. Also you should ensure your independence by a webmaster. What uses you the greatest site, if you can keep the page not up-to-date and you have to pay money for any small change? Right here is the recently Burgschwalbach-to-find TOP Internet Agency.

Manfred Peters from the TOP Internet Agency says: today, it is becoming increasingly important to have a professional and marketing-oriented website. And he should be as current as possible. Should not even today’s announcement a day of open door “by 2004 found. Recently Pinterest sought to clarify these questions. We work together with Europe’s largest Internet Agency with over 20,000 customers and are always informed of the latest news. Like for example the trend of video trailers on the home page. He builds confidence and is looked at more. Only then will read.” More information and a free eBook with the 7 worst mistakes when creating a website on the Internet at. Manfred Peters

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Web Sites At Affordable Prices

Entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs receive print, Web design and hosting service from a single source of Cologne, July 15, 2008 – the company ideenFabriken enterprise known as young, dynamic advertising agency launches a new sales concept for the creation of Internet pages. Within the framework of this concept business founders and young entrepreneurs can from 189,00 euro create already professional websites for bargain prices. Can customers from three different performance packages one for they find suitable. You may want to visit Payoneer to increase your knowledge. The packages are available in conjunction with a Web hosting package. Depending on the package, customers get designed also business cards, stationery, flyers, and a logo. This complete offer unique is that for founders of new businesses a small print run of their business cards included. So, an entrepreneur for 499,90 EUR get an individually designed home page with Web hosting, DE domain, 1000 business cards, 500 letter heads and your logo.

All services are created by professional advertising professionals. It work only specialist, diploma designer and media designer for ideenFabriken. We get at reasonable prices. customers professional service”says Technical Director Marcel Hack, who himself is a specialist. All Internet pages implemented the best Joomla 1.5 by us, which customers can change content”. Customers who are still not familiar with a CMS system will receive a free telephone training.

Joomla is so user-friendly that pure Word knowledge enough to be able to operate it. We had 30 orders two days after we went online with our new”reported the Business Director Marco Di Prato. For more see offer about company ideenFabriken enterprise is a full service advertising agency. The team consists entirely of professional recruiters. Customers receive all benefits of a traditional advertising agency linked to a young breeze. The range of services of the company include: Web design, CMS systems,. Portal solutions, print design such as business cards, brochures, leaflets and advertisements

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Individual Profiles as a modern communication platform that has Internet platform evolved long ago to the possibility of a presentation, the musicians and artists take advantage of all genres. The project, which originally should be a provider of free data storage on the Internet, has become a kind of private universe. Every day up to 230,000 new members are added and create A place for friends under the motto”their own space on the Internet. Wells Fargo Bank often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Individual profiles vary but often, high through text and graphics, as well as in the user experience. Because it begs the question: How can I get me a high sophisticated, yet user friendly profile? FIEBAK media can help you, because we know what a successful self-promotion via MySpace should look like. Through our experience in the field of press and media work and our experts in the field of photography, text, and programming, we are a suitable contact in this area.

Whether you need a simple page, by a Header image stands out or but a unique profile that highlights your identity. Who especially likes it, can order one of our exclusive Flash profiles, that convinced by moving images, widgets and other additional functions and sets no limits to your own creativity. Through your individual profile, you show everybody that they are exceptionally. But not only that, you show your guests also, that you are welcome to you – and who will not like to back, where he felt comfortable?

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Spot Media Relaunches Website To Mark The 15-year Anniversary

spot-media presents itself in a new design with performance optimized Web page Hamburg, October 4, 2011. The Hamburg-based online agency spot-media in September, on their Facebook fanpage on spotmedia celebrated its 15th anniversary with a social media campaign. She undertook a journey for 15 days in their past. Under the motto of great emotions and sins of youth”, a piece of corporate culture was told every day. Crowning the action spot media presents the freshly launched website at that now is looking back with innovative ideas in the future. The new, performance-optimized page is based on the Symfony2 framework and boasts a large, emotional stages.

A target for the development of the site was to enable a very fast development process in which developers can develop new functionality and integrate into the page in a short time. Symfony2 is a very good solution, especially in the areas of performance and flexibility for it” Describes Martin shoe foot developers for the spot-media, Senior Web page, the technology decision. The spot-media service spectrum of Web shops, E-dialog, social commerce and a selection of references are very prominently placed, so that the user with just a few clicks will receive an overview of the online agency. “Technological features: usage of HTML5 and CSS3 techniques-performance optimization through the use of HTTP caching and ESI – use of GitHub for source code management about the Facebook campaign 15 years spot-media has been – implemented on the basis of the Symfony2 framework – the relaunch of the website in the Facebook action 15 years spot media” involved. Perhaps check out Nissan for more information. The highlights of the social media campaign were among the graphical processing of spot media coffee consumption in a public document of Google, a Google maps map with the previous sites, as well as a never-published image film 2008 on All entries was aggregated to the Facebook wall as a Central News platform. In addition, many spot media have Staff picked out a photo of himself 15 years ago and used as a profile picture in Facebook. The virality of the action went on: friends like SinnerSchrader, business partners and customers, such as OTTO, Ernsting’s family, Tchibo and Hamburg@work congratulated with creative ideas and set videos, photo collages, or postings on the fan page wall.

The self-reflective and ironic dealing with its own history is obviously very good. The Facebook action stimulated to interact. Perhaps also because we trust us to show things that today strange impact at that time but to us included and therefore are part of our corporate culture,”so Patric Ayoub, President and CEO of spot-media AG. spot-media AG founded 1996, spot-media is a transactional – and maintenance-oriented online agency focusing in the areas of Web shops, E-dialog and social commerce today. The range of services includes online stores, social media, E-dialog, image and company sites, content management systems, intranet and online tools. Currently 115 permanent employees at the Spot media locations Hamburg and Berlin serves customers such as Tchibo, OTTO, o2/Alice, gebr Heinemann and Ernsting’s family. The spot-media AG is a company of SinnerSchrader Group since 2008. Interviews, footage?

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New Bicycle Portal

First around pure bicycle ad market with community for everything Neu-Ulm the bicycle, June 10, 2008 the company based in Neu-Ulm, Faradero provides a free ad market on its Web portal for bicycles and accessories. Here, offers of private persons and bicycle dealers are bundled. This simplifies the search as well as the trade with new and used bicycles and accessories. For the automotive market, there are established online market places for years, with Faradero, the topic of bicycle was brought finally adequately on the Internet. The advertising market is complemented by a bike community on the to inform visitors on all possible topics related to the bicycle and write your own posts and can publish. Online browsing fun all ads free! The clear, concise structure, as well as the ease of use and user friendliness of the ad market enable vendors to make their products easily and quickly in the database-based system free of charge! Seekers enter with just a few clicks to a concrete detail search result. A high-quality and up-to-date database, as well as clear offer lists an overview market, in the second-hand – as well as for new products the customers within a very short time. The seeker determined, whether he would like to search only in the new, in the second-hand product sector, or in both areas.

The high degree of transparency so far not because offers for buyers unprecedented guidance and purchase option. Additional services and features such as the regional narrowing of the search, the article-note function and many other services complete the offer and invite you to return, search and browse \”. RA \”d\” recommended encoder – from bikers for bikers in Faradero provides more than a pure ad market. Everyone on all possible topics around the bicycle and cycling can gather in the Faradero community. \”\” \”These are\” headings such as purchasing AIDS, repair tips, descriptions of tours\”and more\” for all interested available.

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Rozsenich: I don’t see it as a mega-trend for Germany. For paid crowdsourcing that’s not good more. There are several platforms, who settle in the area of social commitment. What, however, clearly is to see is that more and more companies from traditional industries to discover where the potentials of crowdsourcing for them could be. There, ever old catalogues are digitized and trail. We need of course industry overview on pages of Clickworkers.

We’re a market: development of specific industry expertise in our community. Is this a system error of the idea of crowdsourcing? Ever more specifically the needs of the less crowd there. Rozsenich: No, which I don’t see as the problem. It is rather so that certain industries and companies have rediscovered the value of your own, original content for themselves. That will buy a no content, the the core touch your product. How it looks at companies that do not consider content as a core competency. The subject content marketing as a role? Rozsenich: definitely. There also crowdsourcing projects, but not for us, because we are focused on larger and multi-lingual projects.

Actually, it was even traditional agency work. Now we realize that we increasingly compete against text agencies. For some companies, this is already part of the sourcing. Can heed the views of a different segment of the market, on Crowdfunding. What do you think? Rozsenich: Since you can make out two large segments. Is Crowdfunding for content creation such as for example the writing of books. Here, I see the great danger that the established marketers will pull the topic itself. Just think of Amazon. The second segment is the startup financing. For this, the platforms are ideal, especially for the earliest, the Angel phase. Play in Europe but still unanswered questions regarding Ownership and compliance a role. What happens when such a company is insolvent? Here, of course, it needs certainty, otherwise no confidence among investors are building up.

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Seedmatch Investments

Salt designed website by new Seedmatch-portal which have experts for Erklarungsbedurftiges salt communications for Econeers a website created. On the 08.10.2013, the new portal for green investments launched: the creative of salt the Internet platform of Econeers after only two monthly-design and development phase were completed. The website presents itself in a fresh, clear, user-oriented design. Here are the projects at the Center since Econeers defines itself through its range. It was necessary to keep the brand essence of Seedmatch and to develop the new vertical. Without breaking for previous users should remain retain the familiar functionality of Seedmatch but optically adjusted, to inspire environmental interested for green Crowdfunding”sums up Creative Director Eddy Grzegorzitza.

Econeers is the Green daughter of Crowdfunding platform Seedmatch allows onli ne direct investments and is one of the most successful startups in this Area. Econeers bring the Dresdner now a new, promising portal on the way to the only green projects”financed. Investors can invest in sustainable ideas and participate in innovative companies. The capital flows directly into projects like solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric or geothermal plants. With the online investments, investors achieve attractive yields and contribute a portion to the energy revolution.

Econeers ensures safety, transparency and fairness for all investments at each step. Salt communications Berlin is an owner-run communications agency from Berlin. We are the experts for Erklarungsbedurftiges. We implement internal and external communication in traditional and new media. So arise from complex challenges cross-media concepts, brands or products make the experience.

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