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Tips On Promotion Forums

You have decided on the board software (if not, then review them, paid and unpaid, may be in adjacent sections), put it, configured everything right, but the visitors somehow did not go. From there, you come to the conclusion that the forum should untwist. A reasonable question 'How do I do? ". Mark Frissora is likely to increase your knowledge. This is what we kratenko and Tell in this article. Immediately warn if the portal to which you are not really screwed forum visit, if any, new, and you do not have a group of people ready to communicate, then unleash your forum without cash investments will be very difficult. 1. Hear other arguments on the topic with Pinterest.

Adjusting indexing by search engines. Want to prevent indexing of any additional pages (for example, a list of users registration, etc.), as this information 'rubbish' does not carrying one useful point of the search engines. Often the content of these pages is duplicated, and for this you can get pessimizatsiyu by search engines, and means the loss of visitors. 2. Unique content.

To go to the search engine traffic, the forum must be unique content. The most simple – a couple of those marked 'Important', write down a couple of individual thoughts. Then you can poimitirovat dialogue with himself (not to get carried away, almost a dead idea), invite a friend to controversy or to order content from the special services (for example). Outset lot of unique content not happen, but be at least 50 pages. But even this figure is very vague, and may be 200 pages of nothing to give.

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Hearing Internet

I can give advice managers of such companies, either turn off the section with the rotten news, or organize a virtual press office to the placement of news engaged in a professional distance. Do state agencies to site and news things are better, they are certainly helping the media. In his own government’s Achilles heel – written request through the website and wait for a response-evasion month, and can not wait. How effective is the advertising and PR on the Internet their pros and cons? I always reply to such questions as: advertising and PR is like two hands of man can live without one? Therefore, a good effect on the Internet will only when using a set of tools of advertising and PR … By the way, a very general analysis of the PR-activity of the enterprise or state. institutions, please visit consumer demands more and more individualization products / services from the manufacturer, are the trend.

Consequently, the markets will suffer more and more segmentation, advertising and works effectively to mass consumers. And in this case, the Internet is more opportunities for bilateral communications (producer-consumer). If the company does not have a PR-director, that person should know about this area before you begin an advertising or PR campaign? First, he must find expert, but if you and a mentor in the field of PR. Second, read some intelligent books on how to do PR – the list is on a site PR-agency in the “Recommendations”, and thirdly, it must have a PR-plan for the year. But I am convinced that PRofessii this university to learn to be – you can learn the tools PR. And then to comprehend the PR in the broadest sense of cultural and intertextual …

For example, I perceive a lot of lecturing and PRpomoglo book “Effective PR-thinking” Miroslav Koshelyuk. What concerns Reference Internet – portals (including the use of video). How effective is visualization during the advertising and PR campaigns for such resources? Everyone knows that most of us visuals. There are groups of goods and services requiring prior review, as a dress – fitting. Naturally, the campaign to promote the new book, even with video will be ineffective, but the visual demonstration of the hotel in Suzdal (or Ivanov), the rooms, restaurants, and adjacent areas will be very effective. As the wisdom of the “better to see once than a hundred Hearing is believing. ” Can be formulated for our visitors ‘golden’ rules for dealing with advertising and PR on the Internet? Rule one. Everyone should mind his own business: business owner – to operate and develop, and fully PR promote business and the owner (if no contraindications). Rule three. Create an original quality content! Third Rule. Balance is important vocation and self-education, and more drive. If something is missing – no PR out, can get a good technical description manual.

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Business Consultants

Or something people frightened, or lure them to the site as something wrong, or wrong. Thus, valenkotorgovtsy turned again to the professionals Integrated promotion. But not the fact that at the beginning: – SEOs, we already have … We would have to increase conversion. Business consultants have proposed to remove spamdeksing, and something felt through amazing formula.

SEOs have said that without that the proposed clean, can not guarantee the TOP1. And for those clever spam, for them – bread, beer and gasoline. True, later remembered that it is possible to order SEOteksty. SEOteksty ordered, but did not become better. Business consultants put the question squarely. SEOs have left all in a heap in the rest of Thailand. Business consultants uttered the word 'transaction'. Of course, tell all that hard.

And from the start worked really well specialists. Those are good, these are good … A website was very, very scary. It was frightening … He became a black hole where money flowed and flowed Valenkotorga. At some point, VOLUME manager, said: – Enough! Allocate more money will not. Do you understand me! This speech was addressed to the Manager of Marketing boots. I do not know how she met my friend, an applied mathematician, but the grief that evening, she shared with him. So we started to optimize this site. Site as a site. I had to remove the image of sexy girls, despite the fact that the elements of sex stimulate sales. I had to not show a message to the main forum, because we have no guarantee that the forum will be moderate.

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