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PPC Advertising

The second important point is this. Donald Gordon Liberty Life oftentimes addresses this issue. For example, a person must buy a shovel for this purpose he goes to the store "Gardening" and makes a purchase there. A Now, let's say he decided to use the modern way to shop and order a shovel in the online store. To do this, he goes to a page the search engine and enters a query "spade." As part of the results search results will be websites with articles, which will be referred to the word "spade", such as articles on any landing, and in advertisements will just offer to sell shovels. This implies that the person who wants to buy something, just know that by clicking on the link at the ad he will make an offer to buy, and in the search results are likely to be descriptive information of interest to him the theme. A Now let's say a person who already has bought a shovel, wants to find the instructions for its use, for that he will look for this information is in the SERPs, but not in advertisements.

In this case, it will not be enough degree of targeted visitors to the site selling the shovels, compared with a visitor who has not bought a shovel. Thus, we can conclude that the channels of contextual advertising from search engines are attracted to the site more targeted visitors than as a result of the search progress. Clarification "from the search engines" is not accidental. Often, advertising platforms, placing himself in contextual advertising "wind the" transitions, ie, run a special program that clicks on ads. It suits them, because they get paid for what you pay – for referrals. The proportion of such "wound" transitions may be different, since, in turn, PPC Advertising try to catch unscrupulous partners and immediately block them by returning part of the advertiser. This article is intended not to single out any particular form of Internet marketing, but only to explain some features of their impact and operating principles. The use of a particular type of online advertising should be conditioned, first of all, the goals and objectives that are pursued advertiser. However, the most effective is a combination of different types of Internet advertising in different parts depending on the objectives and financial feasibility.