Thus, it is necessary to know that autonomy means … the capacity that the citizen acquires to formulate the proper laws and rules during its process of development and by means of the relations established with the others, in the context where he is inserted. To be independent implies to act with responsibility, to take decisions of conscientious and critical form, to assume commitments and consequences of acts or action, conscientious being of the external influences that suffer e, from them, to exert influence and to take decisions on submitting itself or not to the impositions. (PETRONI and SOUZA, 2010, P. 358) Freire (1996) defends a pedagogia for the autonomy that not only brings pedagogical implications, but ethical and politics, also considering that we cannot speak in ' ' pupil autnomo' ' without equating the values that this autonomy assumes and promotes, and that they are indissociveis of a democratic orientation of the school and the society. The author speaks of values as the freedom, the responsibility (individual and social), the contribution and the criticidade. The resistance is very great in yielding space for the freedom.

However Sousa, Miguel and Lima (2010) insist that The freedom always meets circumscribed for and between relations of being able and to know. The freedom appears as possibility of in them not becoming slaves of the world and, therefore, of we ourselves; as condition a permanent one to look at contemplativo on we ourselves in the interior of the world, one ' ' not to lose itself of vista' ' , one to look at of the high one that it sees below of itself the world in its general order. This perspective look contemplativo, mainly, the place that we occupy in the world and them interrogates on the inevitable choice of what we want to be and to make. Thus, to think on which choices we inscribe as citizens in the world would be an interesting starting point to foment the architecture of a Management of the Care.

Soviet Union

Comment of the Fund, "First People": More recently, Ukrainians rightly regarded as one of the the most educated nations in the world. The educational system of the former Soviet Union occupied in the world ranking of second place – just behind Britain and the United States far ahead. After independence, this system inertia to stay afloat – mainly thanks to the dedication and qualifications of teachers and professors. Decades of underfunding Ukrainian schools have made themselves felt, and now study conditions in our schools in many cases are no different from third world countries. Lack not only of educational materials – many schools are not repaired for years. As a result, children have to learn a completely unsuitable premises. You may want to visit Wells Fargo Bank to increase your knowledge.

Sometimes Schools have to close as to be in them is simply too dangerous. Once the authority of a school teacher and university lecturer was unconditional. Today, they found themselves among the poorest of the poor, as budget is barely enough to pay basic survival. Is it any wonder in such circumstances, the flourishing of corruption in the education system? Ukraine has a highly developed infrastructure of information networks, with sufficiently high bandwidth. But these resources have not been used for the needs of the educational system, although the proposals received in excess. In addition, today Ukraine is one of centers for the production of cheap computers. However, in the interests of education, these opportunities are also no one uses. More recently, the Presidential Administration has spent $ 24 million for the presidential helicopter and landing ground for him.

Being A Successful Model N Petite

Want to enter the petite modeling industry but wondering if you have what it takes to succeed? There are lots of magazines and modeling of business opportunities for good modeling jobs. Take this quiz to find out if you qualify for the top next to the petite modeling industry. Answer honestly. These 15 questions will tell you what are your chances of being able to do as a top paid model petite. 1. Are you between 4 feet 9 inches and 5 feet 7 inches tall? 2. "People often say you are pretty or nice? 3.

Do you have pretty eyes, almond shaped they are? 4. Do you have a nice smile and straight white teeth? 5. Do you sit and stand straight with good posture? 6. Are you friendly and work well with others? 7. Are you a size 9 / 10 or smaller? 8. Would you accept a job at a magazine, but without paying? 9. Is your hair neat and not have style? 10.

If called, could get the right clothes for a modeling job? 11. Do you wear the latest fashion styles? Do you give others fashion advice? 12. Are you willing to travel to begin her modeling career? 13. Have you ever dreamed of being a model for more than 3 years? 14. Do you like wearing makeup and style someone's hair? 15. Do you wear makeup every day? Responses to the questionnaire: 1. This is the vast majority of models of a fear.

National Association

‘ ‘ The educational research brings theoretical and metodolgicos challenges that remain in aberto’ ‘ (GATTI, 2002, P. 22). We need to analyze the form to collect the data necessary to the construction of the research, being had that to know to the certainty what it is wanted to search. ‘ ‘ The research cannot be the service to solve small impasses of the daily one, because it, for its nature and process of construction, seems not to be useful to this, time that the time of the scientific inquiry, in general, not if coaduna with the necessities of decisions more rpidas’ ‘ (GATTI, 2002, P. 23).

on the part of the education institutions lacks the support to the educational research, is only worried in giving diplomas, is not worried if it has a learning. In the end of decade of 80 and beginning of years 90 is that the changes had occurred, that if gave with the creation of the programs of mestrado and doutorado, these that gave incentives to the research and made more collections to the pupil. One of the biggest problems in the accomplishment of the research is the use of the methods, therefore the use of these has not been argued with depth techniques. Methods these being able to be quantitative or qualitative. ‘ ‘ The research in them serves the top of everything to give to an agreement base on a reality and from this transform-la’ ‘. (GATTI, 2002, P. 33). To get and not only to extend knowledge the research also assists in them in the understanding of the reality, in one better agreement of what it encircles in them and that many times we do not understand, makes then one searches for better if informing and through this power to give to our opinion with base and searched arguments, approaching given critical and through them to give suggestions of possible improvements, not only raising the problem, but to consider suggestions of improvements.

American Association

E, as Gil (1999), the bibliographical research is developed on the basis of material already elaborated, constituted mainly of scientific books, articles. Our study perpassa the estimated theoreticians elencados during the research, for, from this to search answers that assist in one practical still more significant professor. 3. The Deficient Intellectual Deficient the mental one corresponds to a functioning below of measured, with some relative limitations the two or more areas in the abilities that have that to be adapted for the same ones: communication, auto care, social, autonomy, health, leisure, education and mainly with aid of the family. The definition of mental deficiency more was spread out and accepted to the one of the American Association of Mental Deficiency of 1992, that it represented a great conceptual advance. The way as each one faces the proper requirements of the life, it in accordance with puts in practical personal independence its age, and with the sociocultural experiences in the context of which this inserted one. Carrying, some factors exist that suffer with this influence amongst them: staffs, social, motivation, education, training, as well as its practical necessities and its general conditions.

The intellectual deficiency is resulted of the degree of functional comprometimento and not it classification only of the QI, which is light, moderate, severe or deep retardation, almost always is an alteration in the cerebral structure, provoked for genetic factors, in the uterine life. The majority of the children with intellectual deficiency obtains to learn more needs in rule, of time and supports of the family and the pertaining to school community so that they come to get success. Ballone (2003) always affirms that the important one is to know where area the person with intellectual deficiency needs support more than, observing qualitative criteria of evaluation, whom they consider more the person under the point of view of the chances and autonomy, of what its classification (QI).

Marketing Specialists

MBA specialists examined some of the social, situational and psychological concepts to help professionals understand the MBA consumers and their behavior as consumers. It would be wrong to assume that in itself his perception, social class or any of these concepts is sufficient to explain the behavior that occurs in the exchange. In some cases, one or some of these concepts can dominate in a situation of exchange. But more realistic view is that all these concepts interact, and this is manifested in complex, multi personality profiles, Howard Davies, which he uses to sell different brands potato chips Frito-Lay, discussed earlier in this chapter. What may seem a short-term consumer decisions, in fact, is the result of interaction between internal and social factors. Next, we closer look at the decision of a consumer making a purchase decision.

Awareness of the problem. The first step in the decision making process – awareness of the problem. It occurs when the consumer perceives the difference between the actual and the ideal state. You find that the battery in your watch is not working; scales show that during the holidays you score two extra pounds and a very attractive person invites you in Sunday lunch. All these developments pose challenges and require solutions. They lead to different levels of anxiety. Timex, Lean Cuisine and Tommy Hilfiger – they all offer ways to solve these problems. The solution of some problems can be postponed, but Other problems quickly attracted the attention – especially those that reflect a significant gap between the real and the ideal state, and those that affect important internal motivation.

When one realizes that only he used the last razor blade, a certain behavior occurs immediately. The complexity of the decision also affects the process of adoption. Purchase another package of blades Gillette Sensor, stamps, to which you linked for many years, is not the same thing as buying a new PC, which requires consideration of issues such as ease of use, amount of RAM – memory access software security, price, attractive appearance, the processor speed required peripheral equipment, service and warranty. MBA, Marketing Specialists can identify problems that consumers, a study market. Awareness of the problem – the basis of good marketing and, of course, the core of the process of consumer decision-making.

Organizing a Curriculum

In the education market can be seen thousands of courses, and on the shelves of bookstores – thousands of books and textbooks. The question immediately arises: Which of them are good and which – "not much"? How to distinguish a good book on the "so-so"? For some training programs can learn, and for some – not? Give their vision of the problem as an example the development of such complex activities as "administration". For other professions, the rules described below may be a little different. If we examine the books / tutorials / courses on management, we can see most of them – names, terms, buzzwords, and the transfer of anything list. Let's call them "sources" in the style "A". Style "A" – it's just trash.

Realizing the futility of them, the creators of such sources of information are trying to make them better, increasing their unit "financial-economic" issues (accounting, fin.analiz), history management (who, when and why was born, where he was and what he did), etc. The quality of the material from this (in quotes) "improvement" only falls, as it – information that is useless for control. From some "sources" You can find out 'what to do. " This style – already better than the last. We call his style "B", and mark it with a separate unit. "B" – this knowledge, "What should be done." "Who is guilty?" And "What to do?" – Two questions that tormented everyone who People are constantly asking themselves, and who are looking for answers.