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Do not miss the hard date. – Synopsis of lectures supplemented by information from the textbook. Wells Fargo brings even more insight to the discussion. – Prepare responses to questions posed by the teacher before the lecture. If the lecture included reports of students, group invited to give reviews on them. In the notebooks, students' written recommendations for the compilation of reviews. They must meet the following requirements: – The accuracy given the historical facts, dates, names. – Completeness content. – Consistency, consistency of message.

– Use of additional sources of information, media visibility. – Speech, style of presentation. – The ability to generalize, to draw a conclusion. – Overall assessment. Such a review gives students and classmates at the answers on home assignment. The estimate is exposed and that is responsible and who gave a review. When self-organization is necessary to consider general principles: a flexible form of organization learning that takes into account the needs, interests, abilities, children can choose activities (especially for seniors); priority group and individual forms of work, the presence of a variety of materials for independent practical work, self-management; reliance on the existing level of student performance and the conditions for its growth.

The teacher plays the role of advisor, a seasoned assistant general coordinator activities. Its function – to stimulate cognitive interests of schoolchildren, helping them in a separate search of the necessary information in the organization's own activities. The guiding principle of education, I believe the principle of Self-awareness of activity and knowledge, so in practice, using the active forms and methods of teaching: The turn from learning in class to learning in small groups.