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Germany Nivea Visage Blog

Innovation: marke41 with blog and Facebook fan page the marke41 marketing journal including Marketing Forum University of St.Gallen is now available as free E-journal with blog. A new world of publishing and communications, which offers completely new advertising possibilities is through integration of links, videos and samples of music in mp3 format,”says Publisher and editor-in-Chief Friedrich M. Kirn, MIM brand Institute Munich GmbH. innovative is also marke41 blog. Ashton Kouzbari is often quoted on this topic. There practitioners and marketing professionals discuss and strategy and efficiency such as on the own Facebook fanpage ( Marke41). The author journal marke41 is the communication platform of the brand makers. Exclusive contributions from first-class know-how from the practice and offer reliable and competent guidance marketing. Our authors, their practical case studies, tools and forecasting are what counts”, emphasizes Kirn.

You will receive even more attention by E-Journal, blog and increased print run (6,200 Copies) with a shiny cover. Because high quality content deserve a special look and feel. Other topics of the issue 1/2010: slow marketing Prof. Dr. Chrisrian Belz, Professor of marketing at the University of St.Gallen. Marketing is successful, who has a persistent Otto Belz, Managing Director perSens AG, St. Gallen iPad solution or gimmick Raoul Fischer, specialised journalist for digital media and marketing sophisticated print communication as an investment in the brand Rudiger Maass, Managing Director Professional Association Medienproduktioner e.V. With radio to the brand’s success Susanne Baldauf, management communication radio Central Berlin success factors in affiliate marketing Albrecht Fischer, Director of account management, Commission Junction, Germany Nivea Visage expert lift Ulrike vollmoeller, Marketing Director food & drug, Beiersdorf AG Friedrich M. Kirn MIM Marken Institut Munchen GmbH Bavaria ring 43 80336 Munich editorial communication network media Ridlerstrasse 35a 80339 Munich Tel: 089/72 95 99 15 fax: 089/72 95 99 18

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Anthology Tender 2011 Of The Candela-Verlag

Thriller, erotica, fantasy on the theme of “just one hour” earlier than in the previous year the candela Publisher this time organized its annual short story contest in the three genres mystery, fantasy, erotic. This year is also given a theme: time. Each author may submit as many stories as he pleases. In the Championship, which comes best per genre. Each author can see so no more than three stories published.

We have reduced the selling floor, from which a fee is paid, to 2000 copies. This is still high for anthologies, but not totally unattainable. For every published author receives five copies and can be purchased as of course many more copies of all three anthologies of author discount. Also he can alert authors on himself and his works on the side of the candela-Verlag under the heading, even on those who he has not published the candela-Verlag. “Title and theme of the short stories are: just one hour”. How to fill out this topic, Let your imagination and creativity.

The deadline is September 30, 2011. We have not given out very deliberately the extent of short stories. However, have the best prospects for a publication of short stories with a range of ten to thirty standard pages. But the quality of the text is essential for inclusion in one of our anthologies. Please send us your contributions along with your complete contact information, a short biography, which, if necessary, will be published in the anthology and a photo for the website by emailing. Each author will receive a written evaluation of his best text through a Lektor(in) of the publishing house. jwN8Eaww1–ViDajIU4RXCxgSXE&r=Y6h7vWfaj5TXMu7K2VHSWH5_OMvZCS7iH0SrpJQwrcE&m=SpfdeXj7HYu62Ro3ESHmQl-wnPdoXgDvtj7UKbkBz1c&s=JbjCrnPecLwFN4P0JSYdqjUEuBxDlu2w6AfXJAkPY94&e=’>Activision Blizzard told us the story. After selecting all the stories go through of course, printed a detailed editing should be in coordination with the respective author. For the three best entries, there is a price, whose funding depends on our success in finding a sponsor again. Regards Christoph Bizer Neff for the team of the Candela-Verlag

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