Recall our recent Soviet past, which along with the failures, there have been great, especially the ideological findings. Wells Fargo Bank has compatible beliefs. In Soviet times, the repertoire of music and songs moved his home to love, to be highly moral, honest example, in Soviet times, a "builders of communism 'repertoire of works of art of all genres, including music, songs, carefully selected so as to the emotional, subconscious level, to induce people to love their homeland, be highly moral, honest work, to contribute to the cause. Excellent results at minimum cost and because it sought excellent results, despite the relatively low standard of living, despite the horrendous mistakes in the economic and public spheres. In particular, the generally recognized low crime, patriotism, goodwill, a willingness to act for the benefit of society in the USSR 50-80s. And this was achieved at a minimal cost, with funding of culture as a residual. Envy, anger, violence, pornography, humiliation others, the rise of 'a loved one' do not need to learn the other hand, if you leave everything to chance, at the mercy of 'wild capitalism' – he definitely will take the path of least resistance and greatest profit.

And that means pandering the most primitive human instincts, weaknesses and vices. This does not need to learn. To understand the jealousy, anger, violence, pornography and other humiliations, the unjustified rise 'a favorite' does not need to learn, make the effort. Suffice it to sink to the bottom, below the plinth, will give the black side of his 'I'.