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Skilled management of emotions leads to success

Success is not determined only by knowledge of verbal or numerical skills but also for the management of emotions. A study in an engineering company of Malaga concludes that the productive people and those with higher wages are those with higher emotional intelligence. The term Emotional Intelligence, coined in 1997 by Professors Mayer and Salovey, went around the world thanks to the popularity of the book of Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence”. Having a great understanding of oneself and the ability to understand others translates into more effective, to manage and handle labor relations, family and upbringing. This is the foundation of Emotional Intelligence, a tool is increasing in the world of the company. The study AERTEC Engineering and Development Ltd. in collaboration with the University of Malaga aims to establish the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and the rest of the variables that predict success in today’s business professional. , human resources director of this company of 160 employees, 80 per cent of whom are technical graduates, reported that higher scores on the Emotional Intelligence were people with higher productivity. Similarly, he adds, people with higher wages are more emotionally intelligent people and those in positions of greater responsibility are more productive, are considered happier and have more emotional skills. These findings, says the study, which depart from the management and decision making are done under purely logical criteria and respond to conventional reason, but the significant decisions in the hands of people flexible and more developed emotional skills than other people. Del Campo believes that in today’s organizations “the only constant feature is the continuous change, which requires a great deal of flexibility, and that’s where Emotional Intelligence plays an important role. This also highlights the need for specialized training in business, which justifies investment in training and business development, adds del Campo. Social intelligence Participate in a course in Emotional Intelligence is the beginning of a process that ensures changes, which do not occur overnight

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