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Thanks to all attendees who gathered in the hall The Bank to collaborate with the nursery Kdol Cambodian Lue. Thanks to your support has been able to raise the amount of 1060 . The amount continues to increase every day with the purchase of gifts that could not be distributed at the event. Soon is scheduled to update the site with relevant information about the mission and the projects being carried out in the near future. Detailed results: Caja Madrid Bank account: 60 Drinks and gifts on the feast: 800 Gifts: 200 For people who want to continue supporting the initiative are available where a bank account to make donations. More information in the “Grants and donations.” A first achievable goal would be that every employee contributes just a uro each month, making for example a semi-annual income of 6 . There is also another possibility. The organization of this project meets quarterly to a group of volunteers who fitted on a bicycle home collected donations limited in the community of Madrid. The next gathering is set for next April 4.To register as a permanent collaborator send an email to rvirumbrales to be included in the staff section of this website. For us it means nothing, and for them is a breath of future and hope. Thank you very much everybody. (Contribute your opinion Add Comment)

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