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Ship Funds Lloyd Fund

Wrong advice of Lloyd launched in the year 2004 with around 27 million equity and closed the year 2005 founded damages of the investors Fund 54 ‘Premium Ship Select’ is at the end. After the a fund ship, the MS “Laura Schulte”, a 1,740 TEU freighter, mid-2012 had to file bankruptcy, “Tatiana Schulte” the insolvency administrator on Board was now also the second fund ship, container ship MS. The preliminary insolvency proceedings opened on 19 April 2013. For the investors of Lloyd, the total loss is thus entered Fund 54. You are faced with the question, to accept the loss, or their money to fight the chances are. Good opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages why we come to this fundamentally optimistic assessment? For many clients who are involved in Fund 54 the Lloyd, we have so far examined the deliberations, as well as the prospectus of the Fund and our opinion found brochure defects, as well as faulty investment advice. Both justified claims for compensation against the Adviser, Advisory banks and the founding shareholders of the funds, which are also liable under a recent decision of the BGH for wrong advice – firm/news /…

. Totally inadequate education about risks from conversations with many investors we know that these were not informed about the risks, which are carried out in the current crisis of the Fund, by their advisors prior to the drawing of the Fund. Closed-end real estate funds are, as the Federal Court of Justice in its judgment to AZ. III ZR 249/09 formulated corporate investments that the risk as such, that capital at least for a part can be lost. The risks of involvement must form therefore an essential part of the consultation. Wrong advice not substantiated claims of investors who have consultants involved in the distribution of ship funds investors, with which we previously discussed, the risks of highly speculative ship funds informed. We noticed the following defects analysis of the deliberations: soft costs proportion concealed proportion of investor funds invested not valuable – concealed high distribution costs – concealed no education about the risks of participation overcapacity in container ships – concealed strong fluctuations of the Charter rates from the expiry of fixed Charter times possible – concealed ship operating costs – influence of Charter rates on the value of the ship too low – concealed ship funds as retirement not suitable no information about Commission interests of the Advisory banks and savings banks because certain errors in the advice always resurface, we see promising opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages for the violation of obligations under the respective contracts of advice. Want to know whether you can enforce 54 compensation claims fund investors of Lloyd? Call us, we know how to get to your right. Nittel Firm specializing in banking and Capital markets contact Mathias Nittel, lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law, Alexander Meyer, lawyer