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Reverse Logistics

Logistics is not only a linear process forward.The major environmental requirements in the laws and consumers, market changes on the final disposition of the goods and the pursuit of operating efficiencies make a concept that, in many cases was not on the agenda today is vital : OI reversa.Para logistics Peldar, the possibility of using recycled glass, which is known as town-in the production of flat glass containers and is central to its operation. The containers that are recycled in this process are not returnable, ie those ending their life cycle after consuming the producto.La reason is that this helmet represents 52 of the raw material production, which allows you to generate significant savings in water consumption, about 50 – more than 2,400 energy-kilowatt and for every 3,000 bottles recycled saves a ton of raw material and a ton less waste going to landfill.These operational efficiencies joined an environmental program focused on the recovery of products that have been used. For this year, the company expects to recycle about 154,000 tonnes, some 3,000 tonnes from the previous year. However, to achieve this requires a process that goes beyond traditional logistics management to produce, ship and sell their packages to your customers. For your recycling program has 4 storage centers in Zipaquira, Buga, Pereira Envigado, and has a third chain of more than 1,500 direct suppliers, 5,000 indirect and 780 transportadores.Aunque recycling, and other tasks, is not a new activity is part of a concept known as reverse logistics. According to Wilson Moon, consultant of GS1, an institution specialized in supply chain management is defined as the flow of goods for reprocessing, recycling, reuse or destruction, including also all activities that support the collection of those products from the link where lost or decreased their til.Y life has value in two aspects: first, environmental pressures and the severity of the laws that force to develop a green logistics. While Colombia’s laws extended producer responsibility until final disposition of the goods, shelter only toxic and hazardous wastes, in European countries the stakes are much higher and we must prepare.

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