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Nelson Electric Haircut v otKooxpHhNQ Any corner surprised. Here I present to Nelson, an artist multiconcepto. Nelson was a day with friends and playing percussion since he had some knowledge of hair clippers a friend said, “hey, why not cut my hair while we play percussion. And, watch where, from there to the streets of New York. The guy is looking for volunteers (and there are plenty) to sit in a chair, tie them with duct tape and gagged her mouth and eyes.From that moment begins to make his instruments comprising the basic tools of a hairdresser (scissors, comb, razors, etc …) but connects to mixers and amplifiers. the outcome as a DJ Mix Electric Haircut. But surprisingly I will say that the cuts are very well done, so if freestyle but well made. Do not ask for money in return, just a lock of your hair that keeps it in a plastic bag and asks you to write your name and accumulates hooked on the wall for the duration of the performance. What makes the bags then is another story. Too bad to be late. I volunteered but the latter site had already been occupied. More info at:

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