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Poet Universal Miguel Hernandez

(A few months after the celebration of the centenary of the birth of the poet of the village which has been officially termed year Hernandiano (1910-2010). We project a ray to vindicate his bonhomie as for freedom, justice and equality, to further spread his courageous spirit of delivery). Inmates who did cleaning of nursing came out horrified of the putrid stench of the sores. Recent weeks fellow Joaquin Ramon Rocamora, who encouraged him with his words while you into air. By the hole in its side flows abundant pus, the cannula comes out, and Joaquin placed, again and again. Told, your last sentence was: in the early hours of 28-03-1942. The epistolary 437 who know Miguel, 316 are addressed to his wife.

The last thought of Michael before his death: his shriveled and uninhabited lips shudder, hissing with difficult and hoarse respiration: Ay, daughter, Josefina, how miserable you are!. Excerpted and expanded Jose Luis Ferris, Miguel Hernandez, passions, jail and death of a poet. Today, 2002 themes, p.486. The loving and amorous Miguel – met some girls and quite a few women he exchanged ideas and tried as equals by an innate tendency, we can say almost lyrical. All these women give a life experience and a reflection on the necessity of an equality from an early age to the poet. Let’s review some of them.

His mother conception that she can worship said that Miguel was cabezonico, from child has a special relationship of love with her sisters Elvira and embodies, in a letter to Carmen Conde and Antonio Oliver(sep. 1933) called them: dark and beloved Gypsy. Notes and loathes the authoritarianism of the master your padre(D. Miguel) that exerts its severe and slaveholding way existing in the society of that time and in particular of its class, ganado(ademas era de estirpe gitana) handler, the same, since very little, was spared more than one beating to be defended by the his mother Concheta skirts.

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