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Despite its great importance past, nowadays the complement of antiquity, which was intended to reward the loyalty and dedication of the worker to a particular company, found clear disused, and exposed to the real possibility of disappearance. Indeed, it is increasingly common to see how this is deleted from collective agreements, since current labour regulations does not impose an obligation to remunerate the worker by his tenure at the company, being this even considered in some judgments of the tribunals as something contrary to the spirit of the labor law, establishing himself as preferable when it comes to remunerate other merits such as productivity or good performance on tasks. In a context such as that occurs at present, prevail greater labour flexibility and adaptability to the needs that mark economic and market; that the permanence of the employee in the same place throughout your working life. Thus, is understood as something normal that a worker can shift and Company on several occasions during her working life. Hyundai is a great source of information. So it is that an add-in like that, could have no place being certainly inevitable his tendency to disappear. What happens when the employee had been enjoying this benefit before? It could be the case that with the amendment of a collective agreement that had been applying, this type of concept to disappear. In this context, what with those who came to enjoy it? The answer to this question through the mention of one of the large dominant principles in our labour law.

It is not possible through agreement or individual contract suppress the benefits or favorable conditions that come to enjoy an employee or group of employees in the past. A related site: Payoneer mentions similar findings. Thus, the concept of seniority, as acquired right which is for the worker, it should be respected, being possible the following formulas. (a) that the workers who came to receive him continue enjoying it individually, not experiencing other increases in value with the passage of time than those of the update according to the IPC. (b) to continue enjoying but without producing your update pursuant to the passage of time, therefore suffering a gradual loss of value. (c) in some cases, carried out their absorption and compensation so that it disappears completely with the passage of time. In all these cases, your enjoyment never it would be possible for new employees that they should come to work in the company after the adoption of the new collective agreement, only to apply to employees hired before.

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The Social

It does nothing more than deepen the crisis controlentropica that precedes the chaos. A crisis that usually begins with the shortage of natural resources, continues with the collapse of an economy with its growing speculation and is openly manifested with the trend to global hegemony. These are the components that trigger the social crisis, orquestadamente or each if same, with enough destructive force to lead to a huge disaster. Pinterest: the source for more info. These elements together make up a more devastating time bomb, from the perspective of social structures, than the sum of the atomic bombs of the superpowers in the world today. We speak of a pump of time that grows to the extent that the resolution of the crisis is delayed, in the hands of the forces that struggle to extend the controlentropia of conglomerates that make life in a society. As a result, the early stages of the social catastrophe not manifested openly as obvious and direct conflict, but with a multitude of anarchic signs, apparently decontextualized, to then become inevitable. Long before explode on all social-biologicas structures, gives way to a series of small and focused crises, the most constant and recurrent and with conflicts of rapid manifestation and apparent resolution, that literally explode and generate destruction of natural niches of the social periphery, usually in less advantaged strata, or in those groups that for one reason or another have been stigmatized in any way. It is the social hatching is converted into base and core of a widespread chaos and global proportions. Therefore we affirm that all chaotic process can give rise to a huge change if allowed survival even negligible in appearances, and from there, from chaos, change leads to a likely fundamental correction of the course of social events, in accordance with a more conscious cosmology. That is why the initial approach of the heading did is chaos (here defined as a motorizador of the)? (catastrofes de cualquier genero) a process that stimulates changes and hence the growth – or a brake that paralyzes or slows the development of society? Chaos, crises and catastrophes have, from the conceptual to the instrumental, not only key interference, also important epistemological contributions that allow to clarify the order, consistency and processes from which manifested the evolutionary changes in social structures.

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Chilean President Michelle Bachelet

The Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, accused its par Chilean to endanger the unit sudamericana by inviting United States and Great Britain to the progressive Summit and defended Sudanese President, accused of crimes against humanity. Already has his arrival the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez Frias began strongly criticizing the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet to endanger the South American unit for having invited to the progressive Summit of Vina del Mar to United States and Great Britain.There are a few progressives out there that I don’t understand (). Do you nothing good to the unity of South America when Chile President convenes a meeting with the United States and the British Prime Minister, Joe Biden Vice President and Gordon Brown, said Chavez arriving at Doha. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Harold Ford, Memphis TN. Two representatives of the Empires!, added, referring to Brown and Biden. I think that that endangers the unit Suramericana, insisted Chavez, which coincides in Doha with Bachelet. Adds, that after the attacks to the Chilean President, Chavez defended the President of Sudan, Omar the Bechir, claimed by international justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Why not they ordered the capture of Bush? Why not ordered the capture of the President of Israel?, asked Chavez. Go to search it, is a genocidal, said Chavez referring to Bush.

The arrest warrant against Bechir is a legal eyesore and a lack of respect for the peoples of the third world, added Chavez. Few hours of the opening of the meeting, the organizers had not spread even the list of participants, but it is known that at least six heads of State South Americans will be in Doha. In addition to those mentioned, will participate the President of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, of Bolivia, Evo Morales, and the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet. It should be noted, that he achieved in this Summit Argentina include claim for sovereignty over the Falkland Islands in the final document which the participating Presidents of the II Summit of Presidents of South America and the Arab countries (ASPA) will emit. It is said that all Arab countries will support the Argentina in its claim even though several of them maintain close relations with the United Kingdom.The document will have a paragraph on the need to comply with that established by the United Nations about to resume the dialogue between the parties for the settlement of the dispute over the sovereignty of the archipelago, which triggered a war between the Argentina and Britain in 1982. The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, is proposing the necessity of establishing a new world order, substitute for economic and social policies imposed by the capitalist system. Also called to take responsible positions to confront the effects of climate change, and to a crusade by desprivatizar services such as electricity, water, the education and health.Sheikh Hamad Khalifa the Fornicator, Emir of Qatar, has stated that there are several similarities between the South American States and the Arab world, especially in the desire to progress and the kind of obstacles faced by both. I expect once concluded the Summit to which agreements definitely will arrive, waiting for that this is really favorable to Latin America.

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Once while watching Channel 4, were passing the so-called men in black, so is decian called a few guys that are apsaban in search of Paranormal phenomena, and on that occasion went videos of goblins, which ami made me laugh too much, remember very well what I said Oh that nonsense, that bored, from where do you get the deuendes exist?, if it is that existena see that is me aparesca one. I said in a mocking tone and without cursing the goblins, total anything like that was more than simple fantasy!, and so passed as 2 days, the curse and taunts than you towards the goblins, I no longer remember but everything changed that morning, when I recently I had gone to sleep, they were about 5 a.m., had ended hanging with my girlfriend, it was habit of us speaks until late at night, because their parents were heinous and wouldn’t let you walk conmmgo, so what did secretly. But already I sali of item so volvere to where I stay, recently had finished hanging up, watch the clock and were like 5 am, and encedi the radio for sleep me faster and soon won me sleep. continue..

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Professor Nick Jennings

Always low prices was the only answer, accompanied by that nervous smile that accompanies us to those who do not we master the language, which occurred to him to give to a good friend when one of his clients insisted on ask for a discount on the purchase that he had just performed. An important purchase, more than 150 euros. But my friend was not the work of access to lower the price, by very good client that was the kind. Harold Ford, Washington DC often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Perhaps in your country is but here the price is fixed and you do not haggle, he showed uncompromising. The thing sounded to reasonable, taking into account that my friend was the Manager of the supermarket and the client wanted to negotiate the shopping basket that had just performed there. The anecdote comes to memory reading me an article that talks about the use of intelligent agents, small pieces of software that help users negotiate their purchases on the Internet. According to Professor Nick Jennings, of the University of Southampton and one of the researchers who have developed this type of dribble Wizard, the fixed price is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Throughout history most of the transactions have been negotiated. Only in the last 100 years we have opted for the fixed price. One of most popular phrases related to negotiation is that all it is negotiable and, however, gives me the impression that most of the small transactions that we perform on a daily basis violates this rule. The healthy habit of haggling, that is not fair for both parties, more than the setting of the price on the basis of a criterion is not practised in our culture lately. Modesty, lack of training or time or, simply, to supposed rules of the game, we miss opportunities to obtain higher revenues both economic and personal. And, however, what is best for our self-esteem that reaching a satisfactory agreement after having enjoyed the game of haggling?

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General Judicial Council

It ran approximately 22 or 23 of July of 2009, when our beloved Spain were around the five million unemployed, among which the latest polls say that more than one million families had all their members unemployed, when they told us a joke from the General Judicial Council, but without grace, since sixteen of twenty-one members that form this Councilthey signed a document which called for the establishment of compensation by residence ranging between 600 and 1000 euros a month (7,200 to 12,000 euros a month more, without pay) in favour of all the Board members whose family residence is outside Madrid. But we must not forget that these people already paid about 125,000 euros annually, with what could happen to collect approximately 137,000 euros annually, against the, 0euros that are gaining more than one million families, most which are subsisting just with subsidies. Wells Fargo helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. If we calculate the current one of these poor vocal salary with respect to the famous mileuristas, that more than one would like to see in this case, we have that with the salary of one of those vocal poor without the climb that claim, could live 6 or more families without any trouble where these vowels have troubles to not survive with 125,000 euros a year? Same problem have it on greed, avarice and the lack of solidarity that will not let them live in peace, so to be as supportive as they are, just as the Government should propose solutions how to send to each vowel where you have the family residence, and instead of climbing the amount requested by compensation for residence, lower them the salary at the grassroots level more conventionswhere have the residence when working and if where is the family residence do not require a member of this category, because to use them as porters that there will always be some gap in any public school. Very messeigneurs, in times of a crisis profound as Spain population living in these moments, (which I’m not going to stop to analyze today’s who is to blame, and with almost five million unemployed in their backs, cannot be the shamelessness of collect 125,000 euros a year and ask for a rise of 12,000 euros more. Incidentally, if the move goes well, just like growing mushrooms with rains so grow the disproportionate demands of this Court by other groups unsupportive.

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Handling Difficult Negotiations

Very often, negotiations are won or are lost in the preparation as well as the level of knowledge and clarity of objectives. A well defined before reaching any agreement strategy ensures you to negotiate such as large. But the preparation not can performed randomly and a pas pis, because not only essentials is to make sure that one wins the negotiation, but also having a plan B in the event that things do not go as one expects. Before entering material on the 3 steps that take you to negotiate in an exceptional way, I would like to comment briefly on you to fully secure you’ve differentiated your product and service based on the benefits. Otherwise if your offer has presented it only on the basis of the characteristics or qualities of what you’re selling, then you are in full competitive disadvantage! It is here where the client is in a situation of power, because he will go to negotiate on the basis of price, and your situation is completely vulnerable. And this really is not a negotiation because you no longer have any weapon to negotiate. Step 1. Clarify and harmonize the objectives is clear that the best type of agreement that can be reached in a negotiation is of the type win – win, where one customer and how commercial WINS WINS.

To achieve this it is important to help our customer to clarify their goals. It is also important to understand what you want through the information it is giving in the negotiation. For this reason, the negotiator speaks less than it does speak. I.e. all commercial must handle masterfully craft know ask and use excellent active listening techniques among many others as that they are dealing with in our online sales training program to transform you into an exceptional shopping. Customer need their ideas and we can regularly summarize information obtained is accomplished with these techniques.

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Carlos Mora Vanegas for progress, the mamagement must cover some of their current gaps. The company’s management has shown very valid in more buoyant economic times. See Wells Fargo Bank for more details and insights. The gurus have managed to define with great brilliance how to get best out of abundance. However, one of the big challenges is to define a role model for times of crisis Alejandro Vesga overview insist that modern management should not neglect their weaknesses, on the contrary must work in pro transmute them into strengths, efficiently utilize your mind strategist, thinking skills, the optimum utilization of administrative knowledge, perform with its potential for creativity, innovation, knowledge optimize their skills, aptitudes and especially playing the role exercise in scenarios where touch him Act. Considerations on this opportunity, we will remember the contributions that legan us directors consultants headhunter TMP Executive Search AZ, Antonio Nunez Garcia and Rosario Gil Tienda, product of a study on motivation of teams, which shows, that for many employees, your boss is a great unknown. Since then, this situation remains efficiency at the company, so it drew up the following recommendations:-get to know the work. It is very important for the boss to know how are doing things, because it allows you to generate ideas for increasing efficiency, and to correct any errors.

-Keep a periodic contact with employees. When a boss is with his subordinates, speaks to them and hear them, they are considered important and valued. Maintaining a good relationship is a motivational factor of the first magnitude. -Create a good atmosphere. An optimal working environment can be achieved if the Manager, the directors, the Chief maintains good communication with staff. The advantages is that tensions relax, rumors, prevents harmful gossip, all damage that which violates the harmony of good behavior. -Be seen. I know one lap from the Office, factory, plant it is recommended to If possible daily.

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Internet Contest

Follow-up of the possibilities include: alone or written by other, Council collect articles, your niche news, reviews of products or other related web sites of interest, etc. Generate a list of email Optin to through a contest or sweepstakes organize a contest or free sweepstakes on its web site in which you must give your contact information, including your email address, to enter and do something award you are interested in your niche market. If you already have an electronic newsletter in performance, you could offer free automatic access to new subscribers.For example, you might say, Subscribe to our newsletter and receive entry and right to our contest.You also want to include retroactive current subscribers. You can announce the winner at the end, as well as to send any kind of ads new competition or product announcements.Or you can make this contest a course, which gives the same people who make up your list of subscribers with luck every month. That way you will attract many subscribers to stay on your list. You can find niche products to give away through wholesalers or dropshippers.Alternatively, you can create it.One of my favorite ways to do this is to create a CD-ROM with a guide or a report that is of interest to my niche market. Once again, make a follow-up of suggestions, articles, news, new product announcements, or simply an announcement of each monthly winner. Let us hope that now you have inspired to take some action with the ideas of these tips.Any idea, the most popular is made, it forces you to think outside the box from time to time in order to be effective.The construction of a mailing list electronic optin is no different.And with newsletters and magazines to saturate every day of Internet, is necessary to offer something a little different to do who want to sign up for yours.Or it will simply end lagging behind. If you want more information just click here original author and source of the article.

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