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Once while watching Channel 4, were passing the so-called men in black, so is decian called a few guys that are apsaban in search of Paranormal phenomena, and on that occasion went videos of goblins, which ami made me laugh too much, remember very well what I said Oh that nonsense, that bored, from where do you get the deuendes exist?, if it is that existena see that is me aparesca one. I said in a mocking tone and without cursing the goblins, total anything like that was more than simple fantasy!, and so passed as 2 days, the curse and taunts than you towards the goblins, I no longer remember but everything changed that morning, when I recently I had gone to sleep, they were about 5 a.m., had ended hanging with my girlfriend, it was habit of us speaks until late at night, because their parents were heinous and wouldn’t let you walk conmmgo, so what did secretly. But already I sali of item so volvere to where I stay, recently had finished hanging up, watch the clock and were like 5 am, and encedi the radio for sleep me faster and soon won me sleep. continue..