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Panda Security System

How did the "Collective Intelligence" More recently, the main objective of hackers and kiberzloumyshlennikov was not his own glory or to compete with "colleagues", and the real financial benefits from their activities. This led to more than thirty million different malicious programs that steal passwords, personal information of users, lured a number of ways the money the victims of fraud. Antivirus companies do not have time to analyze huge amount of new malware. More recently, to deal effectively with traditional virus users have been sufficient to have available just antivirus. Later, it became necessary to supplement it personal firewall and antispyware protection.

As the number of zero-day attacks, "it became clear that the need to develop new methods to combat them. Another reason for the change of the approach to combat "Malware" – has arisen the need to keep on your hard disk database of millions of viruses. To keep a record of all malicious programs, the signature file must be very large. Such a database can up to several hundred terabytes! Naturally, the large size of this file can not affect system performance. Because stalChto is "Collective Intelligence" Collective Intelligence system operates in real time as the online database, which stores a huge number of signatures.

Only a small portion is located on the user's pc. "Collective intelligence" – is a system threat management, which is based on common grouped knowledge, the experience gained by all users of Panda (which millions of customers in virtually all countries of the world). Each node that uses solutions Panda Security, becomes in this case sensor and the collector-specific data, such as the behavior of programs. Thus, a most rich database of malicious software. Today, "Collective Intelligence" has information on nearly 100 Millions of threats. In addition, based on the new system is the automation of processes that were previously done manually. All this happens within the laboratory infrastructure PandLabs, have a greater capacity for processing necessary information.

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