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Children of Turkey

Investing Hi friends! Let’s digress for a moment from the daily hustle and bustle, the mass of cares and problems and think about how we live, what we do and what we get in return? Although anyone of us ask ourselves these questions and understood whether what actually wants aspires to be? This is exactly what I want to reveal on his blog! Take, for example, the average manager of a small private firm, which every day gets up the crack of dawn and goes to work. There he “graft” without raising his head from the computer, various documentation, etc. on the continuation of 8, and then 9:00, then exhausted and hungry come home, breaks down on his wife and children, eats and sleeps.

That’s how he lives out of Year after year, until retire. And what he gets in return? Meager wages, which at best is enough for food and possibly on vacation in Turkey every year, and further pension even less than the salary. And so it lives most people in our country. But is it about this kind of life you have dreamed in his youth, when the winged enthusiasm and lots of ideas bursting “adult” life, graduating from high school perspective, perhaps even with honors. And every day you understand that life is getting harder, because prices are rising as well, and our requests, not to mention the demands and needs of our children. Consider just how much it costs nowadays a decent education and housing? What we we can give our children, humpback day on paid work? Yes, in fact nothing, not even time for them and there is not enough.

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