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New Anatomical Models By HeineScientific

HeineScientific presents the new collection of anatomical models for the human and veterinary medicine Wasserbillig currently, the 15.02.11. HeineScientific is a manufacturer of medical education, specializing in the production of anatomical and skeleton models for the human and veterinary. After a successful completion of year 2010, HeineScientific now brings a collection of new anatomical models on the market. In addition to new body and skeleton models for the human range, HeineScientific introduces function models, such as the injection arm, now for the first time. The injection arm is the anatomical model of a human arm, which is suitable to the learning of injection and infusion techniques. Training with the injection arm is particularly effective by the realistic appearance of skin and vessels. For the veterinary field HeineScientific now offers dog skeleton models in various sizes. The selection of genuine skeleton models was increased also.

Also was the range of decomposable anatomical models, inter alia through the House chicken model extended. This model is not only life, but also particularly functional and graphic. In the selection of new anatomical models, HeineScientific has focused particularly on the customer’s wishes. HeineScientific will exclusively high-quality models and educational materials in its range. The introduction of another anatomical models is planned for the next few weeks the focus will be mainly on function models, designed to enable a realistic exercise situation the user. Sabrina of Zahara