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Marketing Fair

And, when it is less than a month and will be made for telephone contact trying to square a day and time of visit. – Prepare marketing materials during the fair to bring business cards, brochures and catalogs, developing special promotions for the show, data collection forms, product demos, a . Besides the hardware, do not neglect to mention on the website of our company information in newsletters, etc that we are witnessing this or that feriaa . The greater the chance of success dissemination. – Preparing, if I can afford, promotional material (from the much sought after bags, to the delivery of popcorn, balloons or any detail related to our business but that is attractive and not ship because, but in order to obtain information from the person who comes looking.

Because let’s not forget that a fair among other things we have to serve to meet new potential customers. For all the above, external staff have specialized in the organization and presence of companies in fairs can help if you do not have the time to embrace everything. FAIR All this work before the fair we will ensure that day the same will be as profitable as possible, we will trade our assets and Phase Feria everything we sow what we will be getting together with the new visitors that we will at our booth. During that period, the presence has to be nice and be invited to ask questions, we convey proximity and professionalism (surely we all have in mind some of stands seem to forgive you for entering life inform you). It should be clear that in the stand, the commercials are very familiar with our product or service and be clear about the aim of the fair and the message to be transmitted (therefore recommend a few days before a meeting to review and discuss with them the key points .) Another important tip, along with the card for each person you visit us at stand or speak at the show must go scoring four ideas to help us then be clear about their needs, concerns, comments. Also take the show to walk around it, the latest developments in the sector.

During the week following the fair is vital contact with all visitors. An email thanking them for their attendance at the fair will give us the opportunity to call later to all those contacts of interest. But until we can, thank you email will save us. Fill in our CRM or our database of potential clients, customers and suppliers all information obtained during the fair. From here, select the contacts of interest and resume contact with them. Following these recommendations, the profitability of the show is guaranteed.