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Management System

The program is an integrated unit based on the configuration of “1C: Salary and Personnel budget entity 8”, which allows you to automate payroll and maintaining personnel records with a specific accounting training institution. Here, JPMorgan Chase expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The decision “BIT AVROBUS: Salaries and staff at school,” complements the configuration of “1C: Salary and Personnel budget entity 8”, and allows you to: Store and handle additional information staff (professional qualification group (PAG), the categories of personnel, information about professional development, additional agreements to the employment contract, etc.); Generate standardized form, taking into account the specifics of educational institutions (the output of a semiconductor laser, allowances, academic degrees, titles and so on.).; Keep track of the orders for extension of employment contract in connection with the election (the election) on a competitive basis to teachers; Form and stored in a database arbitrary staffing orders; Generate staff at combining orders, replacement. Use advanced features of the regular schedule (new reports, the use of additional analytical sections); Use a mechanism for reporting hourly wages for teachers (use of tariffs, the analysis plan and the fact that hourly earnings); Reflect the payroll and taxes in the cost of financing the organization of articles; Use advanced functionality, accelerating entry of permanent list of staff allowances; Use advanced functionality, accelerating registration list of staff benefits; Use a temporary mechanism for transfer of debts of an employee with a single source of funding (and / or KOGSU) to another to avoid getting into debt at the end months; Use additional reports: Amounts payable, bank transfers in the Register, the Register of payroll, average salary for Help, Register of sick leave, workers with a list of scheduled allowances, The list of employees who combine post, Pay slips on articles of funding, the Form U-4, change the staffing, staff report on the alignment of rates, staffing of units and so on.; And other possibilities. Company “1C: Accounting and Trade” (ICE), the official partner of the firm “1C” in 1997, is now the largest network of franchise companies “1C”. The company has 50 offices BIT, which operate in three countries: Russian, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Specificity of the ICE is not only the automation of the enterprises on the basis of “1C: Enterprise”, but also training, counseling clients on the full range of professional issues. During his time the company produced over 80,000 successful installations of automated systems. In the state of more than 2,700 employees, most of which are certified by “1C”. Quality Management System “1C: Accounting and Trade” (BIT) in six offices in Moscow, including in the Central, in three offices in St. Petersburg, including the Central, and offices in Krasnoyarsk, Kiev, Samara, Kazan, Saratov, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg,