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With the money it is possible to be bought the book, but not it intelligence, rl luxury, prto not it beauty. Anonymous. Cinsideraciones, reaches All good management must be prepared for the changes, knowledge to confront challenges, mainly, when a crisis occurs that affects their behavior in the markets, must know like acting, of such form, that it is not harmed the operativity and the reached profits. The management must count on a management of markets that it has well defined his functions according to the modern requirements, in order to guaranteeresults, thanks to its strategic plans, objectives, mutual understanding of the characteristics of the markets, scene where it acts. Of knowing when a crisis appears and how it must handle it of such form that is not affected. In an interesting writing on the subject, Estr@tegia Magazine, indicates that marketing in the days of crisis forces to follow two rules: 1 – It is not possible to be lost a single client, and 2 – It is necessary to rob to the competition all the clients to him who are intelligently possible.

The subject of retention of clients has not managed – lamentably to capture the same amount of action and budgets that are destined to the acquisition of new clients. Worse still, in many cases the plans destined to the attraction of new clients offer to these majors advantages, in terms of price I benefits, that those that enjoys the clients old. This flame the attention if we consider that costs – like average six times to more obtain the sponsorship of a new client who to retain a present client. Another factor to consider, is indicated, it is that there is an amount of companies – not sufficient them that they are incorporating new ways to add value. This factor that quickly is perceived by the clients, it has happened to be in just a short time right an acquired and not benefit differentiator, and has forced the organizations to continue implementing new tactics of added value and to make of it a permanent practice.