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It is defundamental importance that this is well described so that they do not hajamargem of doubt on the part of the responsible bidders or the pelaaquisio. This topic serves stops to disrespect of time the premise badly deck if purchase when if purchase for the lesser price. In when if the badly specific truth secompra badly. The public power must yes, sempreque possible, to prioritize the lesser price, however the lesser price dasespecificaes inside demanded. Digamosque an agency desires to acquire folder archive and for this it describes itemda following form: Folder recording Archive type AZ, tamanhomemorando, 250 dimensions mm x 280 mm x 85 mm. At the moment of the licitation, some suppliers had presented proposals eem some cases offering material of superior quality to the demanded one, but also with bigger prices, however the Supplying B that offered to omenor price presented a product that condizia perfectly with adescrio, consequently being declared winning of the certame. Following Emmomento, when the user of the item received the material parautilizao if age of low quality complained that the product and that it would noiria to take care of its necessity fully, therefore the used paper naconfeco of the folder was very finishes and that only you it would take care of if fosseconfeccionado in pressed cardboard. Analisandoo in case that above, would be very common to affirm that a baixaqualidade item was bought because it was opted to the proposal of lesser price, in detrimentode the other most expensive ones, however of better quality. However, this anlise errnea, therefore if bought badly because the specification did not bring todasas excellent information, in case that it had the forecast of the papeloprensado one, the Supplying B would have to be declassified of the certame, independently of the offered price. Emresumo, if the public administration contracts an item with qualidadeinferior of what the requested one, in the truth it is acquiring one itemque diverge of the initially requested one.

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