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HOW TO RECOGNIZE A Colombians abroad

Found in the latest issue of the journal SOHO, an article in the Colombian actor Julio Arango, describing the circumstances that reveal the Colombian nationality of our compatriots abroad.Enjoy it: How to recognize a Colombian abroad By: JULIAN ARANGO “Colombians are a kind of special animal and there are many ways to recognize abroad. First let’s look at how we welcome.Here are some examples: What else: so one does not know the other person or another person and has offered nothing to one, the Colombians and we are asking more because Colombian calls for respect but there deme.Qu (Kiaya ): where to get a Colombian always going to look at what’s for him, this comes from “what to give.” What was (kiubo): What happened What I miss Colombian respect is not lost or moved to a cot. What has been (kiabido): truth, is a formality because the Colombian usually little interested in what has been, the Colombian is interested in what hoy.Tonces: The Colombian is challenging by nature, the conflict takes on blood.Cough: same as above, a little haughty Aha, and what: the coastal only occur to them and greet, there came the answer: “what about what or why.” But if you want advice to recognize a Colombian abroad, consider the following: – If you see a guy walking with absolute certainty, looking to not eat anything or anyone and suddenly hits his forehead with his hand and immediately ran back where he came from, the fixed rate is a Colombian who was left with the keys or left the gas turned on.

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