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Business Plan

The document refers to planning in the sense of drawing a road map of the business, which guide us toward specific goals in specific time limits, otherwise go without this plan, “giving a blind man shovels, resolving situations when presented with time without having reviewed the different alternatives and forecasting. Dennis Carey The business opportunity goes hand in hand with two essential aspects: the ability to timely identify market needs and the viability and ability to meet that need. Example: At this time due to the global situation that occurs with AV1H1 virus (swine flu), the market has the need to be provided with face masks, if I find a supplier that provided me a good price these facemasks’ll second element. Without a vendor with which to meet the need would only have 50 of the opportunity and me nothing.This course is accompanied by other aspects such as: Marketing, Access Capital, sales strategies, among others. For all types of business and / or project is needed before the need to detect and create the opportunity, it is common for people to believe based business opportunity, but is more complex and exhausting as they should from creating the need not well being when this already exists. This basically is the purpose of marketing which detects and / or create the need in the area before it reaches the product. No, the business plan is essentially a vehicle for raising capital or a condition, that we could define as an added value thereof, as investors demand it because this way to know where your money goes, it is very difficult an investor invests from an idea, the business plan is the idea that structuring purposes, strategic plan, timelines, sales and advertising strategies clear and concrete. The Business Plan is the trip log is a business and what we should first do before embarking on any type of company. This would be important even in our lives as a strategic plan or plan of life or whatever you want to call.

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