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How To Increase Profits In The Shop

There is a very simple way to increase sales in his shop and increase profits. The easiest way is to show to the grocery store. Step 1. Check your locality, where they sell the most delicious bread. Ask seller who makes the bread. Step 2. Through reference services find the address and phone the manufacturer of the bread.

Step 3. Agree with the manufacturer on delivery of grain in your store. Step 4. Put the price of bread is much lower than in the neighboring stores, even if you’re at a loss. For example: You buy a loaf of bread for 8 rubles. In retail, it is now -10. You sell, for example, for 8.50 or even up to 7 rubles. What happens? In the coming weeks, most people your neighborhood know that your store is the cheapest and at the same time, the best bread.

It’s no secret that buying bread, the majority of people along the way take another commodity. You have to increase sales of grain would dramatically increase sales other goods. That increased the amount of other goods, will override the losses from the sale of bread and give a substantial net profit of your store. In a short time in your store will gather people from different areas. Low price bread just to attract your competitors, with the ensuing consequences. So here you need to follow a middle ground. Put a price of 1.5 rubles. cheaper or better for a rub. It will not irritate and will allow competitors You to trade without losses, although it is possible and no profit. A slight decline in the price of one product will be of little interest to competitors. You must understand that the first couple of weeks, and maybe a little more, you will not get profit. Therefore you need to correctly calculate the current money that did not work so that you do not have enough money to buy goods. You must understand that after 2-3 weeks you will increase trade and you will need extra money to support the additional turnover. If you take a product to implement, it is better not to use this method. Otherwise, you have to drive every day to distribution centers for goods and many, many work, but money may still be missing. If you allow yourself a half-empty shelves in the store, it will dramatically reduce the number of buyers, even if they go for bread. The first few weeks of money even with high turnover may not enough to buy, unless of course you do not buy at wholesale prices by the piece. Before you start this step with a decrease in the price of bread or any other product, you should have enough funds for additional purchase. For hedging contracts such as with the bank about the possibility of a loan on terms acceptable to You. This method can be used in most shops of different directions. Add a bit of his imagination, and additional income you will be provided.